Unemployed CEO (UCEO)

Unemployed CEO

Unemployed CEO is an NFT based token but our mission is to help create an internal economy within the blockchain of a certain project. The Unemployed CEO economic model needs to seek a balance between protecting the interests of all participants and the sound development of the system. And it needs to be considered that economic models can eventually lead the ecosystem to community autonomy smoothly. It is necessary to ensure that the self-interests of all participants are consistent with the ultimate goal of the system and promote each other. At the same time, all participants can also supervise and restrict each other to ensure the safety and stability of the entire ecosystem.

CONTRACT: 0x1182ebB968e11F50E9353C344F4E5d8cc24b7209


Roadmap ✅

🔴 Stage 1
  • - Token Contract Development
  • - Website and Whitepaper
  • - Design and Graphics
  • - Social Media
  • - Presale and Launch
🔴 Stage 2
  • - Influencers
  • - Ad Campaign
  • - List on Coinmarketcap
  • - List on Coin Gecko
  • - Increase Followers and Holders
  • - Audit
🔴 Stage 3
  • - Exchange Listings
  • - NFT Creation and Giveaways to Token Holders
  • - AMA's
  • - Token buyback and/or giveaway
  • - Launch NFT
🔴 Stage 4
  • - Ecosystem Development
  • - Huge Following
  • - Market Cap Increased
  • - Unemployed CEO NFT Game


One of the most exciting benefits for Unemployed CEO token holders is its dividends capability. Simply by holding Unemployed CEO tokens, the community will receive dividends for every transaction accured in its blockchain.. These revenues stand as an excellent passive income solution for all the token holders. The longer the duration of holding, the higher their potential for profits.


Unemployed CEO Holders will be capable to influence decisions helping to shape the ecosystem by exercising their voting rights.


NFTs are indeed taking the world by storm and are incredibly relevant to the ecosystem. We will plan regular contests and airdrops to reward our token holders. The higher the number of tokens held, the higher the chances of collecting rewards. Holding more tokens for a longer duration would provide the community member with rare collectable NFTs.


Unemployed CEO allow creators to make money directly from their work. A great example is art, where someone would require an agent to sell and market their work. Unemployed CEO eliminate these middlemen and allow the artists or the original creators to interact and transact directly with their customers. This model further benefits the creators by allowing them to earn a commission each time the NFT exchanges hands

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