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Vita Inu Coin

Vita Inu (VINU) is the governance tohen of the VINU Ecosystem and is native to the Vite DAG chain. Created in 2021 by Elemont, VINU is the world's first fast, feeless (and cheehy) dog-themed coin with high TPS and smart contracts.

VINU's philosophy is to have fun, mahe new friends, and learn all about the greatest technological revolution of our lifetimes - cryp- tocurrency - within an engaging, viral ecosystem. In conjunction with the Vite networh, Vita Inu seehs to play its part in building large DAG ecosystems where various cryptocurrencies may be moved around freely, securely, and eGiciently.

The Vinuverse is under development, and will comprise of a full VR World, the VinuSwap Dapp, NFTs, Stahing, Rewards, Events, Merch, and much more.

Conceptually, we have decided to build this project on the scalabil- ity of the community and the principles of transparency and accountability. We are fully committed to worhing for the


CONTRACT: 0xfEbe8C1eD424DbF688551D4E2267e7A53698F0aa





VINU enters the metaverse!

Currently our team is working on a full-scale world inside of VRChat to the point of fully customized skins, mini-games, payment integration for task completion, and custom NFT’s. Stay updated on our Twitter to get the latest updates related to this and much more.

Notice: The Vita Inu team is neither in partnership or collaboration with VRChat Inc.

Welcome! Vita Inu ($VINU) is the world's first, fast and feeless dog coin with smart contracts and developments in the Metaverse! 
Getting Started 
$VINU is listed on two chains - Vite & BSC

Vite Chain
📄 tti_541b25bd5e5db35166864096
▶️ Simply download the Vite wallet from Google Play or App Store, and add VINU to your Vite wallet. It takes less than a minute! See for the tutorial  
BNB Smart Chain (BSC):
📄 0xfebe8c1ed424dbf688551d4e2267e7a53698f0aa
▶️ Add VINU to your Metamask or Trustwallet using the contract address above. You can then buy it on PancakeSwap! See for the tutorial.

About Us 
🔍 Read up on VINU's partnerships and future plans on our official website -  
🔍 Learn more about the project and general cryptocurrency knowledge on our blog -  
🔍 Subscribe to our news channel for latest updates -  
Buying VINU 
💹 You can purchase VINU in the following exchanges:

Earning VINU  
💰 Faucet, claim VINU daily -  
💰 VinuSquad, promote VINU on social media and receive tips - 
💰 Regular community contests and giveaways on Twitter, Discord and Telegram 
💰 Voter rewards - Vote for ViNo Community Node SBP in Vite wallet 
💰 Staking (on DigiFinex and Viva), stake VINU to earn more over time 
💰 Referral program, invite new members (coming soon) 
🌏 If you feel more comfortable communicating in your native languages, we also have over 20 Telegram community channels  
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🇸🇦 Arabic: 
🇯🇵 Japanese: 
🇩🇪 German: 
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🇪🇦 Spanish: 
🇰🇷 Korean: 
🇳🇱 Dutch: 
🇵🇰 Urdu: 
🇷🇴 Romanian: 
🇧🇬 Balkans: 
🇮🇷 Persian:
⚠️ No cursing, harassing, or insulting others 
⚠️ No advertising or begging 
⚠️ DYOR and be responsible for what you buy and sell 
⚠️ We are not responsible for any wrong transfers or losses. If in doubt on the steps or process, read up on the tutorials on our blog or ask any of our friendly community moderators  
⚠️ Admins do not DM first, do not ask for money, do not ask you for your information or keys. Always be cautious of scammers.


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