Here is what i have for the collection ✅Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, please mint your NFTs at and enjoy the following benefits: Receive NFT for just 0.02 BNB, receive 50 free Kiss Me Token (KM)per NFT minted. Each NFT minted serves also as ticket to our lottery that will take place after the collection sold out.

In our lottery will 100 NFT minting wallets receive 1000 $.

Income allocation:

50% will go to charity max. 100.000 $ will go to Kiss Me Token liquidity and rest to Marketing and development So don't play the state lottery in the coming months, but enjoy the possibility of 1/ 10000 to win 1000 $. The WINNING NFT wallet will be the one who minted the NFT not the one that holds the NFT. Thus you can even re-sell your kisses NFTs and still take part in our lottery.

Dear Ladies and gentlemen, Please mint your NFTs at and enjoy the following benefits:
  • Receive your NFT for 0.02 bnb
  • Receive 50 KissMe Token per NFT minted
  • Each NFT minted is a ticket to our lottery.
  • When collection sold out we will hold a lottery in which 100 NFT minters receive 1000 USD.
  • Income allovation:
  • 50% will go to Charaty
  • 100.000 USD will go to KissMe Token liquidity, Marketing and Developement.

So dont play the lottery in the next coming months, but enjoy the posibility 1/10000 to win 1000 USD. The WINING will be send to NFT minting wallet address. So you can even rightaway resell your NFTs and still take part in the lottery.

Kiss Me NFT (ERC-721) Contract: 0x979751ef4Ca91f59c24eD2c31241d77328ac352b

Kiss Me Token (BEP-20) Contract: 0x0232b8423218d12371aA534873499E54d3D86B9B


Customer Service

We are online to answer your questions. In order to reach customer service please join our Telegram group by following this link:(

The Kiss Me Project Summery

This project is defined by the KISS ME NFT COLLECTION (ERC-721) coupled with the KISS ME TOKEN (BEP-20). Both are Tokens on the Binance Smart Chain Network. The Kiss Me NFT Collection consists of 100000 different and unique kiss pictures. These pictures can be minted as NFTs on our webpage starting 08/08/2022. Every user that mints NFTs obtains also 50 free Kiss Me Token per NFT that was minted. This means if you mint 1 NFT you receive 50 free Kiss Me Token, if you mint 2 NFTs you receive 100 free Kiss Me Token, if you mint 100 NFTs you receive 5000 free Kiss Me Token. The Kiss Me Lottery is also part of this project; 100 wallets that minted NFTs will receive 1000$ as prize. So don`t play the state lottery in the next coming months, but play our Kiss Me Lottery instead for a chance to win 100 times 1000$.

What are Kiss Me NFTs?

NFTs are non fungible tokens that can be collected and resold for profit. It is similar to collecting stamps. Our Kiss Me NFTs are on the Binance Smart Chain Network, in which we enjoy the payment of low gas cost in bnb. Each NFT can be minted for 0.02 BnB and a small amount of gas cost.

What is Minting?

Minting an NFT means converting digital data into crypto collections or digital assets recorded on the blockchain. The digital products or files will be stored in a distributed ledger or decentralized database and cannot be edited, modified, or deleted. In our case does minting also mean the buying of NFTs, but correctly is the digital conversion and the recording of digital assets ment with minting

How does our minting process work?

You will first of all need a Metamask Wallet. Shortly, install Google Chrome Internet Browser and install the Metamask extention for your browser and set up a metamask wallet. If this was too quick for you, you can find many videos on youtube. Just search for `How to install a Metamask wallet` videos on youtube.

We do mint your NFTs directly to the Refinable Marketplace. is amongst the largests NFT Marketplaces in the world. ( The NFTs you mint are being saved in your Metamask Wallet. In order to display your NFTs we use a marketplace ( The marketplace does not only display your NFTs but you can also resell the NFTs for profit. Attention 10% of the resale value of each NFT will be automaticly added to the KISS ME TOKEN liquidity.

In order to mint NFTs on our webpage simply click on the connect wallet button and see the minting Popup where you can select how many NFTs you would like to mint. All you have to do now is top up your metamask wallet with BnB and click mint/buy. Thereafter you can see your NFTs in your refinable account by clicking on MY NFTs.

How can I see my NFTs?

You can reviel your NFTs by clicking on the My NFTs button on our webpage Should the webpage not show your NFTs please scroll up to the top of the page till you see the refinable Connect Wallet Button. Please connect your wallet. Now you see your wallet address, please click on it and select My Profile & Items. This will load a new page which lists your NFTs. Now you can decide to list your NFTs for sale.

The Marketplace
This is where you can see your NFTs after you have listed your NFTs for resale. The HTML adress to the marketplace is: ( If the NFTs dont show right away, please set the currency to BnB on the left side of the marketplace webpage by selecting the BnB check box.

Please have a look at our Kiss Me NFTs
Our NFT art is comprised of copyright free artwork by diverse artists.

Time of sold out Kiss Me NFT Collection.
We will hold the Kiss Me Lottery now and 100 minting wallets will receive 1000 USD. Please keep in mind this number can flactuate depending on the BnB market value. Additionally, will add liquidity to the Kiss Me Token. And last but not least will the pre-sale and launch of the Kiss Me Token be announced.

Kiss Me Tokenomics :

  • Kiss Me NFT Collection (ERC-721) Contract Number: 0x979751ef4Ca91f59c24eD2c31241d77328ac352b
  • Kiss Me Token (BEP-20) Contract Number: 0x0232b8423218d12371aA534873499E54d3D86B9B
  • Buy: 4% Marketing, 4% Development
  • Sell: 4% Marketing, 4% Development
  • Total supply: 21 Million
  • Abbreviation: KM
The contracts are verifyable at By pasting the contract numbers seperatly in the search field you will be able to see all transactions that have taken place. Thus you can determine how many holders the Kiss Me NFT Collection has i.e.

Income allocation :
  • 50% goes to Charity,
  • 50% goes to our Kiss Me Lottery as well as to the KISS ME TOKEN liquidity, and
  • marketing and development.


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