Stonks Doge (STDOGE)


The Stonks Doge NFT, also called "STDOGE" within the community, is the first NFT collection.We are a community of dog lovers committed to helping dogs across the globe, currently building the largest dog rescue shelter.

The market recovered strongly. Doge will lead the uptrend. Doge space will explode and be endlessly hyped. New project with strong community, secure Dev team, pre-launch and post-launch marketing. Lowcap easy 100x . Doge is the one who led the meme back. New project launch at 17 July 11am UTC 🚀 . Follow us here so you don't miss out. opportunity for first comers

Stonks Doge is a community-first, socially conscious BSC token that aspires to harness the power of memes. An instantly recognised and unique Superr Doge mascot acts as the focal point for the community to unite around and feed into the hype machine that will catapult it to new heights. Our team is determined, experienced and working around the clock to pull this amazing feat.

You surely don’t wanna miss out on the hype of dog supremacy this year.

CONTRACT: 0x92e8E1b07f9e766badDA923f6929519cDfa616C1


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