We are building the future of finance 
Shi-do 士 度, Samurai every time.. 

 Shido is a unique Deflationary Token with 3% Reflections and DeFi Utility deployed on the BSC and ETH. $SHIDO is building a Cross-Chain Decentralized Crypto Bank. A wide range of DeFi Services where you are in control of your funds. ShidoDex, ShidoWallet, ShidoCard, Yield Farming & Collaterialized Loans. We are developing ShidoDex Multi-Chain DeFi Aggregator and ShidoWallet Fiat Compatible together with our partner Antier Solutions. Top 30 Blockchain Development Company in the world.


BSC CONTRACT: 0x733Af324146DCfe743515D8D77DC25140a07F9e0

ETH CONTRACT: 0x173E552Bf97BBD50b455514ac52991Ef639ba703



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