Auto Cash Genie (#Genie)

GENIE is the most rewarding token!

Genie has come out of the magic lamp & entered the Crypto market! Stake Genie and enjoy 2% daily reward.


CONTRACT: 0xf40fD8f8558AE03e2830BBf5d3E12ab86EE2A8EB



Verified Public Contract

Get a verified public contract with Auto Cash Genie, that can be easily accessed and viewed on BSCScan and can be managed easily.

Genie Token is a BEP-20 crypto token that operates on Binance Smart Chain. There are 1,000,000 tokens in total.

Our Transparent strategy!

Join our network and experience our ride on this Auto Cash Genie roller coaster first-hand.

At Auto Cash Genie, you are not an investor, but our partner for success. Our transparent strategic program is our greatest asset, through which we achieve our greatest benefit "your trust".

What is Magic Lamp?

The recommended exchange for trading Genie is The Magic Lamp contract. It allows us to waive the initial 10% tax on buys and provides the lowest prices and highest liquidity, resulting in less slippage for larger trades. For other exchanges, it is recommended to always cross-check the token address against the Genie address. Genie can be deposited into Genie's Wishes contract to provide a consistent 2% daily for participation over time. Genie is the only deflationary daily ROI token that pays stakers and referrers from a tax on transactions.

How compound mechanism works?

The Wishes compound mechanism uses your current available genie dividends and redeposits them into the wishes contract, compounding your long-term earnings by increasing your daily cash flow and also by increasing your max pay-out.

There is no tax on compounding transactions we only have 10% on staking, buying and selling. This 10% tax goes into the genie pool that is used to pay daily ROIs and referral bonuses.The genie from this tax is also paired with BUSD from the shore liquidity staking contract and locked in the genie BUSD liquidity pool.

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