WhaleMakerFund (WMF)

Whale Maker
The first and only crypto fund on Brise chain.

What is the WhaleMaker?

The WhaleMaker is what it’s name states: A solid token based on years of financial & crypto experience and excellently setup mechanisms & tokenomics to make its initial, as well as future, holders potential Whales.

Why did the WhaleMaker came to life- who is it addressed to?

The WhaleMaker came to life to satisfy the need of all crypto investors: bring profit without the hassle of constantly looking to buy a new coin to achieve profit or wait for years until this coin lists in … Binance! The WhaleMaker is addressed to everyone: the investor who isn’t really an investor but wants to become one without the anxiety or the knowledge “what to buy” everyday, the investor who is experienced and wants safe returns, the investor who likes to take decisions on their own (by choosing different yield plans low-medium-high risk in the future) or simply someone who wants to buy something that will generate revenue for them!

We are building an investment fund in crypto – unlike any other.
The gap in the cryptoworld is obvious: no proper mechanism for people to make decent profits, no proper flow of information, thousands of scammers and scam projects as well as rug & pull ones. We provide the average-ex FIAT now crypto investor- with KNOWLEDGE & SAFETY- the 2 most expensive things anyone CANT buy- even with millions of USD.

🔗WEBSITE: https://whalemaker.fund/


CONTRACT: 0xc89fcd3E1CF5A355fc41E160d18BAC5f624610D4

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Whale Maker is powered by more than decade of experience in fund management and investment strategies for crypto and fiat currencies. 


We bring together the best of both traditional business and agile crypto models and find avenues for earning instant gains. We do the heavy lifting, analysis and the homework so that you can focus on just investing.

We run the show on a daily basis from a dedicated telegram group currently sitting at 1500+ active investors looking for feedback/directions of the upcoming projects in the Brise ecosystem.

  • The Whale Maker Platform will review/analyze upcoming crypto projects part of presale/ICO in the Brise ecosystem and generates a score.
  • Finance team of WhaleMaker invests in the right projects for maximum profit for the investment fund.
  • Exit point with profit as per the KPI’s set for each tier of the fund.
  • Margin & liquidity trading on popular coins to generate extra profit.


🟡Phase 1, April 2022
Dev team building Financial team building

🟡Phase 2, May 2022
Website Launch Social Media accounts launched Sphynx Labs application

🟡Phase 3, May-June 2022
Presale on DEX DEX listing Public Sale Auditing Cryptofund round 1 launch - first monthly slots opening (priority for presale holders)

🟠Phase 4, June 2022
Marketing campaign launch CMC listing Private AMA on the projects we have under consideration

🟠Phase 5, July-Aug 2022
Financial Influencers marketing Cryptofund first monthly profit distribution Initial CEX Listing Launch of Round 2 of WhaleMaker Cryptofund and slots

🟠Phase 6, Aug-Sept 2022
Cryptofund expansion (multiple choices of slots based on amount and % of return) Lottery for holders- distribution of 5% of profits of Cryptofund round 1+2 without cost Launch of Round 3 of WhaleMaker Cryptofund and slots

🟠Phase 7, Oct-Nov 2022
Revision of economical results of Cryptofund launch rounds 1 & 2 Revision of staking rewards & upscaling Launch of quarterly and annual CryptoFund with increased rewards

🟠Phase 8, Dec 2022
Nomination of the best BRC Project based on WhaleMaker ROI result Award of 10.000 USD to the aforementioned Annual Winning Project

🔴Q1 2023
Charity fund - distribution of 5% of profits of all previous rounds to charities (chosen by the holders) Launch of advisory/auditing services for project owners- 50% of charged fee goes to Fund profit distribution Financial services for the crypto world expansion

🔴Q2 2023
Financial team expansion (+3 Financial analysts) Scaling up for low/medium/high risk multiple cryptofunds launch Roadmap update for Q3-Q4 and 2024


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