Credit Cleaner Token (CC)


The project is Credit Cleaner and the Token has the same name with the prefix CC.

Total Supply - 20 MILLION

About $CC

Blockchain solutions have advanced considerably over the years and are solving problems all over the world. Thanks to decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, many people are now using cryptocurrency as a way to have more control over their assets. DeFi is revamping the finance industry by making transactions more transparent and fair as well as providing unique access to decentralized finance opportunities to earn and borrow.

a person’s credit score holds a significant weight in a person’s ability to apply for loans, 
enjoy low interest rates, 
or event rent an apartment. 
While there are credit repair agencies out there aiming to help people fix their scores, 
this industry is largely centralized and inconsistencies arise from foreclosures, bankruptcies and more. Furthermore, algorithms that calculate credit scores are plagued with security and transparency problems. 

Credit Cleaner was created to change that! 
Built on the Eureka Smart Chain Network and the Polygon Network, Credit Cleaner is the worlds first multi network DeFi Platform that is building a community governed credit rating system as well as other Decentralized Finance Solutions needed in everyday life.

Its CC ledger serves as a hub for credit repair and data tracking, 
while the sidechain will house data and a community-backed credit rating system. 
With this system, 
you will be able to dispute and remove outdated or unverifiable data. The blockchain ensures full security, speed, and transactional costing, which is much less than most other networks. The Credit Cleaner sidechain is powered by the Credit Cleaner Token, symbol CC, which is a stakable token that serves a variety of utility functions. 30% of the decentralized platform’s net revenue will go into a buyback and burn program in an effort to help the CC Tokens Stability.

Credit Cleaner Token solves many world problems, and will serve many different utility purposes.
One of those problems is the industry wide problem of conjestion, slow transfer times and high fees caused by the blockchain being over burdened with too much trafic as well as causing mining fees to fluctuate.

It also solves a really big one, 
especially when it comes to the credit industry where data is most prone to cyber attacks, 
credit cleaner is working towards protecting this data using blockchain technology that offers the highest level of protection to date.

Credit Cleaner aims to become a household name with both on and off blockchain solutions.
Join the revolution today with Credit Cleaner Token.

CONTRACT: 0xe9c27e7aec171662488edd9dbc97272ec280f632




To give our community a peace of mind

we have locked 4 more Million CC Tokens for 1 Year.

This brings the total of 6 Million CC Tokens Locked including the Team Tokens which is 30% of the Entire Max Supply and Locking more than 60% of Credit Cleaners Supply.

A detailed guide about Credit Cleaner (CC) and CC Token? Is it the next big project in the crypto world?

Over time, blockchain solutions have developed to solve global concerns. Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, is driving a growing number of individuals to adopt Cryptocurrency in order to regain control of their possessions.
DeFi re imagines the financial services industry by providing unmatched access to decentralized finance solutions for earning and borrowing.

Prior to the invention of credit ratings, obtaining loans, qualifying for low-interest rates, and even renting an apartment was difficult. While Credit Repair Agencies are available to assist clients in managing and improving their credit scores, abnormalities may occur as a result of foreclosures, bankruptcies, and other circumstances.

DeFi is a technological solution that uses distributed ledger technology to remove the need for centralized financial institutions like banks, exchanges, and insurance firms. Distributed consensus is reached in DeFi systems by the use of “smart contracts” on blockchains such as Ethereum, which are decentralized electronic contracts. Smart contracts are written by programmers and are designed to perform specified actions only when specific conditions have been met.

DeFi enables any two parties to do business securely and directly without the involvement of a third party or central authority. The result is that an increasing number of customers now have access to financial services at lower costs or with better interest rates than they would otherwise have access to via more traditional financial institutions.

What is Credit Cleaner (CC), and how does it work?
Credit Cleaner is the world’s first decentralized finance platform, which aims to bridge the gap between the centralized and decentralized credit worlds of finance and providing the means for the rapid growth and development of a large number of new financial networks through the use of decentralized finance solutions.

 The organization is now engaged in the development of a community-controlled credit scoring system, as well as other decentralized financial solutions that are essential for everyday life. The CC Token is a multi-chain governance token of the CC Side chain and CC Ledger as well as other Decentralized Applications allowing for low transactional costing, high speed and maximum scalability.

Credit Cleaner launched CC Token:
CC Token is a Stakable Token with a variety of Utility Functions and proves to be a vital component of the Credit Cleaner ecosystem. A Buyback and Burn Program will be implemented to strengthen the Token’s stability, with a total of 30% of the Decentralized Project’s Overall Revenue going toward this initiative.
Several worldwide challenges are addressed by the Credit Cleaner Token, which will be utilized for a wide range of practical uses. There are several difficulties, including the industry-wide issue of gridlock (which causes long transfer times and high costs) caused by the Blockchain becoming overburdened with demand and resulting in variable mining prices.

The solution also overcomes a fundamental problem, notably in the Credit Card industry, where data is particularly sensitive to cyber attacks. Credit Cleaner is attempting to protect this information via the use of Blockchain Technology, which provides the highest level of protection currently accessible. Credit Cleaner’s vision is to establish itself as a top provider of both on-chain and off-chain solutions.
CC Credit Cleaner was just launched on the Polygon Network under the Contract Address 0xe9c27e7aec171662488edd9dbc97272ec280f632.

Tokenomics of CC Token:
The total quantity of CC Tokens is 20 million. The supply project intends to distribute 2 million tokens to the project’s development team as a token of appreciation for their restless efforts and dedication, while the remaining 8 million tokens will be used for marketing and marketing incentives for the Credit Cleaner Token, which will ensure the growth and development that we seek.

Guide to buy CC Tokens:
CC Tokens may be purchased on or using the Polygon Network’s MetaMask Wallet.

QuickSwap may be accessed through a desktop web browser or a mobile device. Always utilize the URL. You may quickly trade your coins with one of the liquidity pools for a charge.

1. Open your desktop or mobile browser and go to
2. Establish a connection to your MetaMask wallet. You’ll need to utilize a wallet extension for your desktop browser or a wallet app for your mobile device.
3. To begin swapping tokens, ensure that you are on the [Swap] tab.
4. Choose the token you want to exchange and the CC Token you wish to receive or you can use this address of the Polygon Network.
Address: 0xe9c27e7aec171662488edd9dbc97272ec280f632.
5. Click the [Swap] button.
6. In the pop-up box, preview the transaction and approve the request in your wallet.

Role of CC Side chain in the ecosystem:
In order to act as a centralized source for credit data and credit ratings, the CC Ledger is designed as such. The Side chain will be totally self-contained and managed only by the Staked CC Tokens, which will be issued in a separate transaction. Each Staking Node will be prepared to share CCIPs, which would then be committed to a voting system based on how many CC Tokens it has in its possession.

There is a start and end date for each Voting Time Window, and once the Voting Time Window expires, if the CCIP receives well more than 90 percent of the total votes, it is deployed as just another set of consensus rules that are accepted by all nodes. A proposal will be rejected if it does not get at least 90 percent of the total vote in favor of it.

When it comes to choosing which Credit Score algorithm to utilize and how data is stored in the CC Ledger, the CC Staking Nodes will have complete control. Those that run Staking Nodes will be reimbursed with Staking Rewards, drawn from the transaction fees generated by all transactions on the Side chain Level.

Features of Credit Cleaner (CC):
Credit Cleaner intends to become a household name in the field of blockchain-based and non-blockchain-based financial solutions.

In order to act as a central repository for credit data and credit ratings, the CC ledger is designed as such. The Side chain will be totally self-contained, and it will be solely administered by the CC Tokens that have been staked.

Staking Nodes will get Staking Rewards, which will be derived from the transaction fees generated by all side chain transactions. Staking Nodes will also receive Staking Rewards.

The Side chain will safeguard databases with complete credit histories and will ensure that a reliable credit rating system is in place. Because of the security provided by the Blockchain, everything stored in the side chain ledger will be very secure.

Additionally, in addition to being as rapid and economical as possible, the Token will be used to cover the costs of any transactions carried out on top of the CC side chain, such as the addition and deletion of credit negatives, the editing and deleting of data, and so on.

Wallets for CC Token:

1. MetaMask wallet:
MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet that uses the Ethereum and other chain networks to communicate. It enables users to gain access to their wallets through a web service or mobile app, from which they may engage with decentralized apps. MetaMask is being developed by ConsenSys Software Inc., a blockchain technology startup specializing on Ethereum-based tools and infrastructure.
MetaMask enables users to securely manage and store account credentials, publicize transactions, send or receive multi chain coins and tokens, and connect to decentralized apps through a suitable web browser or the built-in browser of the mobile application.
The program integrates a service for trading tokens by collecting the best exchange rates from many decentralized exchanges (DEXs). MetaMask Swaps is a feature that costs a service fee of 0.875 percent of the transaction value.

2. Polygon Network:
Polygon is a firm believer in the universal Web3. Decentralized Ethereum scaling platform Polygon enables developers to build scalable, user-friendly decentralized applications (dApps) with low transaction costs and no compromise on security. Polygon is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that allows developers to build scalable, user-friendly decentralized applications (dApps) with low transaction costs and no compromise on security.
Multi-chain systems like as Polygon and the Eureka SmartChain combine the best of Ethereum and sovereign blockchains to create a more powerful system.
It is capable of reaping the full advantages of Ethereum’s network effects to the greatest extent possible.
It is more secure.
It is more responsive as well as more powerful.

3. Eureka Smart Chain:
A State of The Art Blockchain With The Best Features of Blockchain Technology To Date Built To Be Widely Used For Industry-Cases Decentralized Applications



MetaMask Wallet

(Eureka Smart Chain Network)

(Polygon Network)

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