Gold Mining (GMC)


At Gold Mining you buy gold-backed tokens in a simple, fast, online way with the security of the blockchain.

With low cost, you can have a gold token easily and without bureaucracy, in addition to trading and transacting 24/7.

Gold Mining is a startup specialized in leasing productive gold mining areas, which helps small gold miners to be more efficient in extraction.

Furthermore, it is the first project in the world that uses blockchain and tokenization to scale gold mining activities.


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Each token represents 1 gram held by Lunes and audited by a third-party company.
In our clipboard you will have access to documents and tokens.

Hold in your hands a token worth gold

Join our VIP Community and receive all the information you need to understand how it is possible to diversify your wallet through mining-linked tokens that can be traded every month, in a practical, fast and secure way through blockchain.


The opportunity to diversify your portfolio smartly like never before!

Check out now 3 reasons for you to have in your hands this type of asset that will bring you more security and backing for your portfolio in a way you never imagined or did before.


Here you go ahead!
We have the strongest differentials in the market and that is indisputable.

Specialized company with great objective
Gold Mining aims, through technology, to improve the production processes of small and medium-sized mining companies, generating greater efficiency, and enabling people to enter the gold market in an accessible, fast and safe way, adopting disruptive technologies such as blockchain and tokenization.

High performance production process
Gold Mining is always updating its production process to deliver a final product with the best possible quality, having today the SM 150 Washing Plant, with an integrated system for tablets and cell phones, with efficient data tracking and infrared technology to detect any productive material.

smart marketplace
We have a fully intelligent marketplace, where you can sell gold ingots for retail. In addition, Gold Mining holders will be able to exchange the token for physical gold, or get discounts on purchases.

But now you have met 5% of what Gold Mining proposes with its currency.
There is a sea of ​​possibilities within this market and you need to know it before everyone passes in front of you.

You have 2 options at this point:
Staying out and not knowing more about a great opportunity.

Join the VIP Community, see how it all works and decide your future.

We are a Startup specialized in leasing productive gold mining areas, which saw a great business opportunity in helping small GOLD miners improve their mining performance. We saw the difficulty of small miners with the legal structuring and formatting of their metal extraction processes to have a significant result in mining. With this, GOLD MINING built methods to implement in small miners, providing equipment, adapting processes, using technology and high-level management to bring efficiency making the business more profitable.

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