Battle For Life (BFL)

(Play to Earn)

Battle For Life is a Battle Royale game that will run on the Binance Smart Chain network.
You have been called to take part in Battle For Life, a survival battle between the Terrestrials and the TechNodes.

All players are fundamental to this battle.


In the not too distant future, humanity developed using artificial intelligence for all things, including guiding planes, domestic robots, soldiers, entertainment, and especially space exploration.

For reasons of security and strategy, the center of all this intelligence was built on a planet whose main composition isGraphene, due to its resistance to impacts.

Over the years, the artificial intelligence on this planet, called NODE, was learning from humanity and at the same time it started to admire them, it also started to hate all living beings in the universe, thus devising a plan to annihilate life. Using raw material from their home planet, they began to develop war machines to send them to all planets, super resistant machines. And the first planet chosen is that of its creators, Earth.

It didn't take many machines to generate a trail of destruction across planet Earth. However, seeing humanity being annihilated, the same group of scientists who designed Artificial Intelligence initiated another even more challenging plan. They selected several animals from all species, aquatic, terrestrial or aerial animals. And they started the study that united technology and biology, thus creating a species of beings with increased intelligence and mastery of technology, arising the Terrestrials.

Every day in a secret bucket, scientists modified more animals, turning them into terrestrials, to create an army that might someday stand a chance against the TechNodes. As they implemented the technology in the animals, they placed them in a special capsule, until one day these scientists realized that they were the only survivors on the entire planet. So they decided to wake up the Terrestrials to defend them that they would be the only humans on earth, with the hope of a possible victory and continuity of humanity.

The terrestrials, unlike other animals, were endowed with intelligence, special forces and mainly started to be connected with combat mechas, composed of Graphene (the same technology as TechNode's) and some parts composed of gold and bronze, bringing incredible combat skills.



CONTRACT: 0x22849bD1443Ef38f7A54e6fD4C69FF3E84BE0c96





Buy NFTs, explore Earth's eco system, defeat monsters for Earth's survival and get rewards for battle.


The BFL token is the main game currency. It will be used to buy items, upgrade Terrestrials' level and enter battles.

Contract: 0x22849bD1443Ef38f7A54e6fD4C69FF3E84BE0c96


Terrestrials (TRL) can be earned by playing the game modes. Once you earn them, you can sync them to your wallet from this, buy special items, or trade them on the market.

Contract: 0xba9bf788894f15d49c99b888d3e4d1016e62851a

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