Meta Baby Doge (MetaBabyDoge)

Introduction to MetaBabyDoge mission

MetaBabyDoge has one big mission: amplifying the message of BabyDoge in the Metaverse.
MetaBabyDoge primary goal is to amplify to vision of BabyDoge and keep the positive vision they have in the
Metaverse while giving reflections in BabyDoge.

The first step towards achieving that goal was to create the MetaBabyDoge token. It is an innovative Reflection
Token: one that pays dividends in an already established token instead of our own.
Plus multiple burns throughout the launch week plus once a month.

Our dividends are paid out in $BABYDOGE
The rate of Crypto adoption in the world is growing, but the percentage of the
world’s population who are users is still very small.

We will work on so many spaces while we are on our mission to be the token of the metaverse for BabyDoge like a dashboard and multiple other aspects we will want to include.

MetaBabyDoge divided distribution

The dividend mechanism incentivizes token holders to hold in order to earn dividends from the transactions (buys and sells).

The dividends are not dependent on the price of either MetaBabyDoge or BabyDoge. They are based purely on the volume and proportional to the MetaBabyDoge amount you hold in your wallet.




MetaBabydoge Coin

  • Is the newest reflectionary meme coin in town.
  • Giving reflections in BabyDogeCoin we aim to the moon and beyond.
  • ​With the love of BabyDogeCoin we want to create a Metaverse so all the holders can reunite.

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