WHAT IS Saffron Qaenat?

Saffron digital currency is a saffron-backeddigital currency, and we intend to exchange saffron for saffron tokens, which makes it a common currency in everyday transactions.


Saffron blockchain product can help the saffron industry there are problems in terms of efficiency in the food industry; Food products are often difficult to produce until they reach the consumer Be traced

Because food products have to go through many gates to reach the consumer.

However, the use of blockchain technology in food can in turn improve the performance of this supply chain.

Improving transparency and ensuring the performance of the manufacturer is one of the goals of using this technology.

The main way to apply blockchain in business is to use it in the supply chain.

 Many of the pillars are devoted to how this technology simplifies production processes.

Today, very few people are aware of the trend of their food and beverage resources, where the products were created and the journey they took to reach the corridors of your local supermarkets.

However, the transparency offered by blockchain technology means that everything can be easily viewed by scanning the barcode with your mobile phone and all the necessary information will appear on your screen immediately.

So since we are all interested in knowing what we consume and how to use it, blockchain technology helps to fulfill this desire and in turn also helps food suppliers to actually Improve the way materials move around the world.

 New blockchain technology and the Internet are revolutionizing food supply, and studies by our experts could be the key to global food security in the near future.




Saffron blockchain technology

The farmer prepares the conditions for harvesting saffron by irrigating and protecting the saffron bulbs .

At this stage, the stigma is carefully separated from the flowers and the other parts of the flower are prevented from merging .

This stage is usually done at sunrise .

After extracting the stigmas, they are dried on paper sheets and sold, so for saffron of valid quality, there must be constant information about the conditions and production path, because fraud and deception can occur at any stage.
Most saffron scams take place at one stage of the supply chain, so the data must always be kept intact, and this is where the saffron token comes in .

Understanding the global saffron scenario, the saffron token launches a saffron supply chain monitoring platform 

Saffron token provides traceability by introducing transparency in the supply chain .

It is a purchasing platform implemented with blockchain technology that ensures complete transparency in supply chain management for various industries to gain its previous trust and efficiency .

Saffron tokens are very useful an industry because every step From harvest to packaging can be recorded in the blockchain and the trend of saffron from producer to retailer can be observed by the consumer, which proves more accuracy .

Advantages of saffron tokens

Advantages of saffron tokens in saffron production and sales industry

Information from the production to the place of delivery can be traced .

IoT integration for live tracking helps analyze and plan activities and transactions based on total supply chain information .

Provides complete visibility for all parties involved .

Any side of the system can access the data at any time .

Saffron token is a solution that aims to simplify the supply chain and address the major issues facing the industry .
Saffron token has the potential to create a good opportunity for both consumers and businesses.


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