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Raptor Finance is a decentralized, financial ecosystem designed by holders for holders. Our mission is to heal planet Earth together and fight climate change! We achieve this by donating to community-chosen projects that help prevent climate change.

There is no planet B, therefore we need to work together to help save Mother Earth!


🔑CONTRACT: 0x44c99ca267c2b2646ceec72e898273085ab87ca5


Please note that we have multiple products that aren't mentioned in our roadmap because we want to keep some surprises for our holders!

Products Overview

Raptor Token

Raptor Token powers the Raptor ecosystem. It is the foundation of all the products we have made and will be the foundation of all the future products we will make. The Raptor Token is a deflationary token. More information about this within the Whitepaper. We do this to combat the exchange killer known as impermanent loss because on the other side, we have features such as staking (and farming coming in the future) which generate new tokens. With this, we can keep our total supply balanced.

Initially, our total supply was one quadrillion tokens, of which we burned 53% from the get-go. Afterwards, we've decided to move to a lower total supply. Hence, we've launched Raptor v3 with a Total Supply of 650 Millions.


A one of a kind DEX with CEX attributes, featuring live trading charts and live transaction feeds. Our one-of-a-kind non-KYC verified exchange allows you to reap the benefits of a traditional exchange without having to worry about the prying eyes of the regulation, and your tokens will always remain in your custody, off of an exchange. If you prefer a more simple swap style, we also provide that so our product is not exclusive to the tech-savvy consumer, but for everyone. A small set fee is applied to every transaction which partially goes to our donation wallet, by doing so we enable our trading platform to partake in saving the planet!

New token owners will have the possibility to help save our planet by hosting their liquidity on RaptorSwap. Fees from liquidity pools and subsequent trading fees will go directly to our donation wallet!


The RaptorFarm allows you to earn passive Raptor income with highly competitive returns. After simply exchanging for LP tokens, you can deposit these into one of our farms to begin earning Raptor Tokens. The earlier you join a farm, the better your chances are of taking advantage of a higher APR!

Just like our RaptorStaking, we do not have a time lock on our RaptorFarm platform, you can unstake and claim your earned Raptor Tokens whenever you like, giving you the freedom to manage your own income.


With RaptorStaking you can earn additional Raptors Tokens. Deposit your Raptor Token into our specialized staking contract, and earn a sustainable 10% APR every epoch (3s).

We do not have a time lock on our RaptorStaking platform, you can unstake and claim your earned Raptor Tokens whenever you like, giving you the freedom to manage your own income.


Buy tickets to participate in our first-of-its-kind, Proof-of-Work (PoW), random number generation (RNG) lottery, using the same fundamentals as Proof-of-Work mining to generate on-chain randomization. When you purchase a ticket, a “ticket” is minted for you on the blockchain via a cryptographically secure, randomly generated hash. That hash is your “ticket” and is minted to your address; it cannot be duplicated or modified.

Once a week, our specialized lottery contract will draw the highest available hash, via the highest available nonce, and whoever has the highest algorithmically valued hash wins the jackpot!

When you purchase a ticket 80% of the cost goes to the pot, 15% goes to our donation wallet and 5% goes to our marketing wallet! Not only making this a first-of-its-kind PoWRNG lottery, but also an exciting way to help save our planet!

Raptor Finance App

Track your Raptor holdings live using the Raptor Finance app. Available now for iOS and Android.

Get the latest information about the price of the token in multiple currencies, the status of the Raptor forest, and any other information you need to know about Raptor. Straight to your mobile device!


Next to all those we will be releasing our RaptorDocs soon as well. This will replace the FAQ and will include all the information about the tokenomics, fees structure etc.

Next to that we will built clear “How-To” tutorials for all the products so it is easy for newbies. After that is released we will update the RaptorDocs with a learning center for people new to crypto.


We target to release RaptorNymous by the end of October/beginning November. RaptorNymous will be a privacy tool.

You can deposit Raptors or BUSD there (more coins will come) and you receive a code. This code you can use or give to someone else to withdraw the deposited coins and nobody will be able to trace back the deposit wallet meaning you have total privacy which we all stand for in the DeFi world

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