DEX aggregation, limit orders, derivatives trading and cross-chain swaps.
PokeDX is building the DeFi trading protocol of the future. Will you join the journey?


🔗WEB SİTE: https://www.pokedx.com/

🔑CONTRACT: 0x43a0c5eb1763a211aa3c05849a617f2ee0452767

👥 TELEGRAM: https://t.me/dextalks


The future of DeFi trading is here – and it’s called PokeDX

PokeDX is developing a fully featured DeFi trading suite for the Binance Smart Chain (and beyond) powered by the PDX token. A turnkey trading platform with all the features normally only available on centralised exchanges like Binance or Robinhood, coupled with dashboards to help keep track of your positions and tools to discover meaningful investment opportunities.

DeFi trading, amplified

Current and next features


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