TOP Token Voting Platforms with Free Listing

TOP Token Voting Platforms with Free Listing

Discover the best sites where people could notice your project’s cryptocurrency and vote for it. Moreover, you can add your token on these platforms in minutes, at no cost, and without any hassle.

f you operate a crypto startup and want to promote your token for free, this article is for you. So, in the following paragraphs, you’ll find top token voting platforms that allow you to stand out from other cryptocurrencies in the world of blockchain. Moreover, you could compare all crypto coin voting platforms by traffic, supported chains, and other conditions. Besides, you’ll learn about their pros and cons. 

In addition, get many other guides on how to grow your token awareness at no cost. For example, boost the attractiveness of your token by adding it for free on the MEW, Trezor, Ledger wallets, Coincodex, LiveCoinWatch, CoinCheckup, Coindataflow, DigitalCoinPrice, Coincost, and Blockspot trackers. Also, learn how to increase the market capitalization of your token and rank by updating circulation supply on Coingecko. Furthermore, integrate Bank Cards and Apple Pay to increase the tokens’ sales to crypto newbies.

What’s the token voting platform?

A typical token voting platform is a website that sorts listed cryptocurrencies by the number of votes. Such a simple model allows different counterparties to reach their goals. So, websites get more ads sales by generating traffic from coming and voting people. Simultaneously, projects can gain attention from the passionate crypto communities by adding their coins for free on these token voting platforms. Finally, people could detect and invest in the most promising cryptocurrencies before these assets appear on leading trackers such as CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. 

Traffic analysis 

One essential parameter that allows a startup to select token voting platforms for its token is traffic. Therefore, compare top voting platforms by their domain power due to Ahrefs and traffic rank due to Alexa. So, the two tables below sort all platforms by their Alexa Traffic Rank and by domain power. Note that the sites with lower ranks attract more visitors.

Simultaneously, sites with higher domain power have more organic references from third-party web resources. To summarize, we suggest you select sites that have the lowest Alexa rank and highest domain power. But, of course, if you have enough time, then just add your token to all voting platforms. 

RankCoin Voting platformDomain Power
3Watcher Guru37

Supported blockchains
Another vital aspect is the type of the coin’s network. So, the following table sorts the voting platforms by supported blockchains. For example, if your startup’s token is ERC20 or BEP20, running on Ethereum (ERC) or Binance Smart Chain (BSC), you can add your coin to almost all these voting platforms. However, if your asset operates on Solana, then only a few platforms could accept your token.