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About Triadic Token

Explore the world of Triadic Token and learn how it can revolutionize the crypto industry.

Triadic Token is a new crypto project that aims to provide a unique and innovative approach to the world of cryptocurrency. TRI9 stands as a testament to visionary financial solutions. Our platform is not just another crypto token; it's the herald of a new era in digital finance.


CONTRACT: 0x7627feccf18113bbffbe5f92417e0a06956b582d


🟢Triadic Token (TRI9) Roadmap

December 2023: Project Launch and Community Building

  • Official launch of the Triadic Token project.
  • Release of the landing page to introduce TRI9 to the public.
  • Begin community giveaways to engage early adopters and enthusiasts.
  • Initiate community-building activities with a focus on transparency and member engagement.

January-April 2024: Pre-Presale Activities

  • Strengthen the community through interactive events, AMAs, and discussions.
  • Release detailed insights on tokenomics, the subscription model, and strategic partnerships.
  • Intensify marketing efforts to broaden the project's reach and prepare for the presale.
  • Conduct thorough testing of the subscription and token burn systems.

4th April 2024: Presale Launch

  • Official start of the TRI9 token presale.
  • Implement early bird incentives for presale participants.
  • Begin a series of comprehensive security audits to ensure platform integrity.

Post-Presale: Subscription Service Activation

  • Launch the $9.99/month subscription model immediately following the presale.
  • Begin the implementation of revenue allocation strategies:
  • 20% for monthly $TRI9 token burns.
  • 10% for partner project investments and burns.
  • 10% for community givebacks and monthly giveaways.
  • 60% for team and project maintenance.

Mid-2024 and Beyond: Ongoing Development and Expansion

  • Continuous enhancement of platform features based on community feedback.
  • Expand partnerships and collaborations within the crypto ecosystem.
  • Regularly update the community on the progress of token burns and project investments.
  • Host exclusive events and initiatives for subscribers to maintain engagement and growth.

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