AxonDAO Token (AXGT)

Pioneering the Future of Health with Blockchain and AI

AxonDAO stands at the cutting edge of health science, redefining the interaction between individuals and their health data through the power of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Our foundation is built on the innovative use of precognitive algorithms, drawing from a rich tapestry of biometrics, genomic data, and other critical health indicators, to not only monitor but also predict health outcomes. 

Our unique dual-token system embodies our commitment to robust governance, compliance, and active global community participation. With roots deeply embedded in telehealth and clinical research, AxonDAO is poised to address the most pressing healthcare challenges of our time. We are dedicated to ensuring transparency and security in health data through the principles of decentralization, marking a new era in patient-centric care. 


CONTRACT: 0xdd66781d0e9a08d4fbb5ec7bac80b691be27f21d


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