Open the door to a new world ... The Snoop World

We're all in the same game. Just different levels.

The Secret of Success

$SNOOP is our main utility token that allows players to buy and sell goods, services and properties in Snoop City. It is a BEP – 20 governance and utility token used within The Snoop World ecosystem.

🟢There is a limited quantity of 5,000,000,000 tokens available. 

🟢#SNOOP together with Avatars provides access to certain parts of the ecosystem that are otherwise unavailable.

🟢Owners of $SNOOP will be able to stake their tokens in order to earn any one of the two BSC tokens as reflections : $SNOOP or BUSD.

🟢Allows players to purchase services, trade, play and govern.

🟢Medium of exchange and utility token within The Snoop World ecosystem.



The game is a kind of real life simulator with many economic features. This will offer all players the possibility to earn money by playing the game. In the game players will have to work like in real life, they will have to relax to improve their stamina and they will have to socialize to improve their happiness. All this will happen in a virtual city called Snoop City.

Players will have the possibility to play as honest citizens, police officers or criminals.

Playing as honest citizens they will have to supply the city with food, medicine and all the other goods and services needed for a city to thrive. This offers the possibility to open factories and farms outside the city and sell their products.

Playing as criminals players will have to provide the "dark side" of the city weapons, ammo and other goods and services related to this category. They will be able to form gangs and attack the honest citizens which in return to avoid attacks can pay "protection taxes".

These are just a few possibilities for players to earn money. There's also the possibility to earn passive income with the help of our nft's. For example, there is  City Mayor nft who will give the owner 1% of all in-game marketplace transactions.

⚡️The Snoop World⚡️

The Snoop World is the first Web3 Gaming Metaverse that combines the best of economic simulator games and blockchain technology using an innovative Play-to-earn model that puts gaming and earning on the same level.


✅ 1,000 unique 3D Elite  NFT  avatars
✅ 9,000 unique 3D Citizen NFT avatars
✅ Passive income through Elite avatars


✅ Virtual NFT exhibitions
✅ Fashion shows
✅ Virtual concerts


✅ In-game rewards
✅ In-game marketplace
✅ Staking
✅ DAO Governance

Every quarter, The Snoop World team will use 10% of profits to buy back $SNOOP and burn them 🔥

🟢he Snoop World is a real life strategy simulation game with economic features where players venture into Snoop City and carve their own path

🟢The game offers multiple opportunities to win real money. It is all about decisions and strategy players adopt.

🟢An ecosystem designed for every player : an innovative play to earn game, own NFT collection and is sustained by it’s own currency $SNOOP.

The city where dreams can come true.

🟢Make meaningful chioces that directly impact the overall economy and contribute to the success or demise of your company. Be the first to discover a new optimization strategy or form a coalition with other players. And with no PvP, the possibilities are endless.

🟢The city is devided in ten districts. Climb the political ladder as you trade, negotiate, manipulate or bribe your way to the top. It is up to you to decide who to trust and who to betray.

This game does not set any goals for you. You decide wether you want to be the richest CEO in the city, a respected political leader or a lone hermit working in the city.

🟢In Snoop City you can be the CEO of your own company or a simple citizen working and living the life you create for yourself.

🟢With the help of our NFT collection you can become the Mayor of the city or the Kingpin, you can be the Mayor’s advisor or the Kingpin’s lieutenant, you can be a law enforcement officer or a drug dealer. The game is all about choices.

NFT and Marketplace

🟢A collection of 10,000 Avatars will be available for players. Avatars are NFT’s that will be used as player’s face in the game. They will grant free access to the game and they also have voting power in Community DAO. The higher the rarity, the higher the voting power and benefits of the Avatars. Every Avatar is an ERC – 721 token and will be delivered to your wallet after purchase.

🟢Avatars will be released in two batches. The first batch is composed of 1,000 Avatars and will be known as “ELITE” with rarity ranging from Legendary to Super Rare. They will be subject to an auction being the most powerful Avatars in the game.

🟢The second batch of Avatars is composed of 9,000 NFT’s and will be known as “CITIZENS” with rarity ranging from Rare to Common. They will be available to any player for a fixed price.

🟢The Marketplace will be used by players to buy and sell goods and services needed in the game. All goods and services will be in form of NFT’s and free minting will be provided. The currency used to buy and sell goods and services will be $SNOOP, the main utility token that will allow players to buy and sell their goods and services.

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