What is Metaclassn

Metaclassn is an advanced sharing platform and e-learning tool for everyone, based on the development of Web 3.0

Anyone (no matter you are a teacher, student, parent, doctor, lawyer, agrent, scientist, engineer, artist, craftsman, framer, politician, investor, or entrepreneur) can learn or share knowledge on Metaclassn and earn abundant rewards

Metaclassn is where people turn knowledge into wealth, Along with basic income for giving classes, everyone that attends the class can get WKT (World Knowledge Token) as an additional reward.


Metaclassn, a Unicorn Knowledge-sharing Platform on Metaverse with a Learn to Earn Mode

The project was built by an online learning C2C founder E.Pierce, with a bunch of enthusiastic blockchain developers in early 2022. Now the project is almost finishing the first version of the application called Metaclassn and will be released to the public in the end of 2022. The application enables users to store USDT on the platform or purchase WKT to  pay the class fee to take or attend classes and while they are performing or attending the class the Metaclassn pays back the same amount of WKT rewards with some extra WKT bonus. All the WKT users mined on the platform can be traded freely.  Metaclassn application is expected to be released at the end of 2022.
The only token of Metaclassn WKT is planned to be listed in February of 2023.

And simply put: Metaclassn is a web 3 platfrom where users can perform or attend classes and make money.

While the user is performing/attending classes, the Metaclassn platform gives the same amount of WKT rewards and extra WKT bonuses to the class instructor and attendees. The whole project scheme is genuine and precisely organized. Users will make the process of exchanging knowledge profitable, facilitating the project growth and user base.

The whole project scheme is long-sighted. As a blockchain participant, you may notice most of the web3 projects are aiming at making a massive profit by selling conceptions. However, Metaclassn does not want to fall into the old path that most web3 projects are doing. We aim to build a project with an actual value, which could bring its participants monetary return and a real use case. You could share knowledge by performing classes or attending classes on Metaclassn, and the process of performing or attending classes will automatically generate you WKT token rewards.

The WKT mining on the Metaclassn is only proceeding with performing or attending classes. No third option is allowed to interfere with user interest.

Metaclassn is a genuine Web3 project aiming to bring actual value into the blockchain world.

🏆Metaclassn Event: Top 500 winners share 1-million-dollar reward pool

The top 500 participants who invited the most friends will share 1000,000dollar reward pool
⏱Date: On 1st October, 10 am to 20th October, 6 am UTC
🕺Winners: 500 top participants who invited most friends
🚪Event entrance:

Bring Friends
One million reward pool

Metaclassn Details
The world's leading team established Metaclassn. It's the world's largest knowledge-sharing platform on Metaverse; everyone can share their knowledge on the platform to earn hefty monetary returns and token rewards. 

🌏Metaclassn Visions
Establish the world's largest decentralized organization
Let everyone create wealth through knowledge
Cultivate 100 thousand millionaires in 3 years
Bring 1000 times of return to early investors

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