QBE Ecosystem (QBE)

About Quick Buck

Quick Buck is fully decentralized and owned by its fun, vibrant and extraordinary community. We welcome and embrace diverse perspectives to build Quick Buck into the best community in the crypto space. For every sell transaction in Quick Buck network a 4% fee is distributed to the holders as reflections. That means every sell adds to your wallet rewards as passive income.
Reflection you can choose in a weekly community vote. QBE is also one true deflationary protocol with anti   sniper, anti whale, anti dump funktions. 
We strongly believe that crypto is our future and centralized or decentralized will be determined but our approach is to provide financial freedom to everyone and everywhere. 
The ecosystem is a multi-chain, multi-reward ecosystem with 5 main utilities and is designed for crisis safe investments, real financial power and empowerment for all. 

The ecosystem is based on solid passive income streams as staking, LP Farming, choose able reflections as well as state of zhe Art utilities as DAO governed incubator with ISPO pools and a unique anti fraud insurance, unique multi functional  NFT setups as well as the needed infrastructure and our cross chain DEX including crypto Visa application for limitless use of your crypto portfolio anytime and anywhere.


CONTRACT: 0xe13e2b3e521080e539260d1087c087582d1bc501


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