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About Us

BSUNIVERS CONSULTING is a French company specializing in consulting and IT in Finance. The firm provides support to financial institutions with their quantitative modeling challenges related to financial market behavior and to investment strategies. The firm uses advanced mathematical modeling tools including AI.


WinWinCoins seeks to solve crypto trader problems with its commercial launch of the next-generation AI robot trading solution that aims to vastly improve trading profits. Say goodbye to losses. With the WinWinCoins trading bot, everyone wins



CONTRACT: 0xe2290d827423a9c0bb41ea500473f5c86a1a9fbc


  • Develop white paper to improve awareness around the concept and 2WC team.
  • Deploy 2WC token.
  • Certify smart contract with an independent, reputable audit service.
  • Develop ICO website, Discord, and social media communities.
  • Apply for CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.
  • Design marketing strategy and identify influencers aligned with our cause.
  • Identify charity organisations and create partnerships.
  • Identify high-net-worth investors interested in staking.
  • Contact exchanges that can accommodate our tokenomics and assist in getting listed.
  • Identify groups in need across different continents.
  • Presale
  • Identify businesses, potential celebrity endorsements, and partnerships.
  • Generate global press release about 2WC NFP organization and our community efforts.
  • Soft launch
  • Launch WinWinCoins apps.
  • Introduce the first trading robots online.
  • More paid advertising and explore advertising the 2WC token commercially.
  • Expand involved social media influencers to maximize outreach.
  • Continue to grow and promote the 2WC Token.
  • Show dedication to charity by hosting fundraising events and social gatherings.
  • Make the 2WC token a worldwide phenomenon.
  • Robot trading incorporation online.
  • Developer fund to finance developers trading robot projects. 2WC will invest in
  • Development for a royalty fee that will be redistributed to coin holders and charities
Transaction fees on sale

Performance pool: 3%
Liquidity pool:3%
Redistribution among all holders: 2%
Burn: 1%

Performance distribution

Investor: 75%
Robot owner: 15%
Performance Pool: 5%
Charity: 5%

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