Snappy Doge (SNAPPY)


A Meme Coin Inspired by English Bull DOGE & The King of Rap Snoop Dogg

The people's cryptocurrency.

By combining the power of memes with real utility and charitability, SNAPPY DOGE gives power and opportunity to the people instead of venture capitalists and hedge funds. ​SNAPPY DOGE aims to be the most known and most used cryptocurrency in the world.



CONTRACT: 0x808E87630c34a58607F7C1865A980Cac48420A28 




The dead wallet holds 45%+ of the supply. That means out of the 5% of the reflections 45%+ of them will be distributed to the dead wallet each transaction. Thus, coins are burned with each on chain transaction.


5% fee of each transaction is redistributed to token holders. That means you can earn more ​SNAPPY DOGE Coins by holding them in your wallet. (centralized exchanges/wallets may not apply tokenomics)


Majority of initial LP tokens are locked forever & some burned. (Newly generated LP tokens from the 5% LP fees are not) to safeguard the holders of ​SNAPPY DOGE. Integrity is one of our core values.

The King of Dogg Coins

SNAPPY DOGE is a cryptocurrency with a limited supply of 1 Trillion tokens inspired by ​English Bull DOGE & the King of Rap Snoop Dogg.

🌕 The Web 3.0 memecoin ("King of the Jungle of dog coins") Fully Web 3.0 capable, leveraging modern technologies. Unlike first-gen memecoins (like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu), ​​SNAPPY DOGE will support smart-contracts, DeFi, staking, DAOs, Proof-of-Stake high scalability, and fast transactions for the metaverse.

💸 Decentralized Finance
SNAPPY DOGE will support DeFi with the ​SNAPPY Pool, including a decentralized governance DAO for stakeholder rights.  

✅ Transparency & Trust
100% transparent with code fully audited by ​SNAPPY DOGE was founded by underdogs for the people. Each token grants stakeholder rights in a community governance DAO.

🦁 Add ​SNAPPY DOG in your wallet today!

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