Treat DAO (Treat) ✅


It‘s time to 
treat yourself...
Treat is an open platform for creators to curate their adult content as NFTs.

Hold the $TREAT token to have a say in the future of the only NSFW platform that focuses on decentralization first and foremost

$TREAT Token

TreatDAO is the first platform that allows creators and consumers to have a voice when it comes to the platform development, terms of service, and all other decisions. This has been made possible thanks to the introduction of $TREAT token which can be used to make governing decisions. The more tokens you own, the more voting power you get.

$TREAT was fairly distributed to the initial community members to avoid exploits and level out the playing field.

To purchase $TREAT tokens, you can use one of the following DEXes and exchanges:

CONTRACT: 0x01bd7acb6ff3b6dd5aefa05cf085f2104f3fc53f



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