SPACE BUSD 16% daily profit. (Yes baby, fixed 16% daily rewards, bye bye inflation! The new generation of miner has come! Possibility to UNSTAKE for those who don't want to continue due to any personal reason. 

1 MAXIMUM Withdraw per Week. At that moment you will be able to withdraw 50% of the total weekly profit for sustainability of the platform. The first 50% will stay in the total claim amount, while for the other 50% you can decide to withdraw and keep it your or deposit again inside the protocol to increase ROI thanks to the bigger balance and maximize x5 return time.

Arrived at that point they will need to exit from the dapp, and reinvest again More stability and longevity SPACE BUSD funding will not only be generated through investors, but will have proper funding allocation through the lottery business model that will make it sustainable with high growth potential. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE BUSINESS MODEL AND THE OFFERS; SPACE BUSD offers multiple investment options through its channel that are associated with attractive

✅CONTRACT: 0x1f69e2FF411d08790562eF55f3De152e5853DEE3



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