Phone2Earn (PHONE) ✅

Phone2Earn a Profitable Blockchain Routine

Our project comes with a solution for your daily routine. Think that when you make a call, talk to someone through messaging apps, watch videos, movies, or even play games, it would become something profitable


CONTRACT: 0x9ca3f2cd3c11F01Cc5aaBb6dF1D63eadc5aFB8Ef



Our King Lions Z collection is made up of 2,000 NFT each with its attributes, accessories, and unique items, with opensea integration, NFT holders will be able to buy and sell their NFT’s.


The objective of our project is to make you earn while doing everything you normally do on a daily basis using your cell phone. The real revolution is turning something that is already in most of our day into something profitable.

Our app will be available for download (Coming Soon), and once installed you can connect your wallet with your UsePhone2Earn tokens and from then on every second of use, while your cell phone screen is on, will count towards your income.

With the application that our team has been developing for PHONE2EARN and integration with the virtual reality (VR) glasses, connecting to Metaverse will be an unparalleled experience, there is no need to establish social distance. You can continue with your daily activities, and the routine use of your smartphone, tablet and be rewarded for this use, which is already part of your daily life.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can explore the many worlds in the metaverse. Also, you can choose to sit back and relax and watch movies, series, or even while playing games.
Despite the restrictions, people still felt the need to socialize and the digital world allows them to do so.

The metaverse is a persistent virtual world where humans have an embedded avatar and can immersively interact with content and with each other in digital experiences and economies, experiencing unique experiences.

Why should we be limited? When in fact we can be anywhere, the metaverse proposes a place where you can do things that sometimes in the real world is not possible, travel, fly, imagination has no limits.

And we at Phone2Earn want to bring that to life.

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