Wizardz ($Wizardz)

WIZARDZ BSC token has successfully launched on April 16th, 2022. Plans to launch Wizania Metaverse, Wiz of Wand (WOW) Dext, Sorcery Room, knowledge seminars.​ 2% of every transaction will automatically be redistributed back to all Wizardz token holders.




Long ago before money ruled the world...
there was a galaxy known as "Wizania". This distant galaxy was home to the most knowledgeable and powerful Wizardz in the entire universe. There were two great $Wizards who often conversed with the Grandmaster Sorcerer who reported that a great tragedy would fall upon "Wizania" if they do not change their means of currency.

The two wizardz were quickly sent on a very important mission to a planet far away known as Gaia: "Earth". The Grandmaster Sorcerer's last order was to use the knowledge and powers bestowed upon them to employ the digital currency known as "$WIZARDZ" all over planet Earth. If this currency was proven to be effective, then this new knowledge of wealth could be spread throughout Wizania and the galaxy would be saved.

So, the two wizardz embarked on their journey towards Earth. As they arrived, they quickly witnessed the many opportunities for charity, knowledge, wealth, growth, and the end of corrupt magic.

The two great Wizards unleashed their wizardry upon planet Earth, fixing the flaws that mankind created. They knew this power alone was to great for themselves so they decided to spread their knowledge to the worldly human beings. These human beings chosen by were granted magic tokens floating in the blockchain called $WIZARDZ. These hand-picked humans knew that this mission would not only save earth but also the Wizards home planet, "Wizania".

The first of the chosen used their $WIZARDZ to fix failing forms of currency. The second used their $WIZARDZ to finance organizations that aide in the conservation of natural habitats. The third used their $WIZARDZ to fund the education system. The fourth used his $WIZARDZ to help relief world hunger. Finally, the fifth used his $WIZARDZ to provide more access to health services. These humans are known as the "Chosen Beings" due to the opportunities granted by the two great wizardz. They are the protectors of earth and planets alike.

By improving planet Earth with the power of digital currency, the mission to sustain life longer from the foreseeing catastrophes throughout the universe, will be accomplished. Do YOU HUMAN, have what it takes to be the next "Chosen Being"?


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