10Bulls KAKUAN

Play to Win Crypto, Join Token Pre-Sales, Vote in the DAO, Swap your Tokens, and Discover, Collect & Sell Extraordinary NFTs

KAKUAN is the only place you need to go for all of your DeFi needs.

Ten Bulls is a project and protocol with the aim of bringing and unifying incredible game-changing utility of DeFi, fueled by an active and unrestricted community where anyone can truly participate in its development. As the community, we took the project over with ambitions to fill the need of becoming DeFi’s one stop station. To achieve this goal, we intend to roll out in phases multiple dApps before considering going cross-chain and creating/integrating further products.

Here are examples of what we have to offer, some of which have not yet been released or are currently in the to-do stage:

  • Firstly, we have the $KAKUAN ERC-20 token which is available on Uniswap. Its liquidity is 100% burned, and it was designed with 0% tax and 0% reward since it’s for utility. This is the core token that is the backbone of transactions for all dApps of Ten Bulls.
  • Secondly, the utility to be rolled out is a marketplace where you can create your own NFTs, set up your own store, and even import your collection from OpenSea. There are also plans to allow imports from other markets as well as reward users later on.
  • Thirdly, we have a fully working P2P, smart chain DEX with SSL to ensure you don’t get phished. It searches various liquidity pools on the connected blockchain to give you the best pricing for your swap.
  • Fourthly, to help DeFi grow in the right way, we have the Ten Bulls launchpad where we can set higher standards by vetting projects to ensure they’re quality made. While we can’t guarantee anything, this can help weed out the bad actors before they steal your precious funds with bad contracts.
  • Fifthly, to hear everyone’s interest in the direction of Ten Bulls, a working DAO has been launched to allow everyone to vote on what they want to see next, what changes they want made, and who they want to see at the helm of the project.
  • Sixthly, Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming is taking DeFi by storm, and as a community, we’re taking on that front as well by releasing our first iteration of a provably fair blockchain casino for you to enjoy.
  • Seventhly, since this is meant to be a platform, there are plans to release a beautiful, fully user friendly mobile app to directly interface with all of Ten Bulls’ products, making the entire on-the-go experience as seamless as the PC one.
  • And there’s more to come as all aspects of KAKUAN have been designed and released by holders of the token. We hope to see you join us!


🔗 WEBSITE: https://www.kakuan.xyz/


CONTRACT: 0xcd452ad761bd624cb016d40ce9d232f180e55d73





  • Return KAKUAN to the people
  • New website development
  • 2000 Telegram Members
  • 500 Twitter Followers
  • CoinGecko Token Application


  • 5000 Telegram Members
  • 2000 Twitter Followers
  • 2500 KAKUAN Holders
  • Dextools Trending
  • Coin Market Cap (CMC)
  • Set AMA / Q & A Schedule


  • 5000+ Telegram Members
  • 5000+ Twitter Followers
  • 5000+ KAKUAN Holders
  • DeFi-friendly CEX Development
  • DEX Devellopment


  • 10000+ Telegram Members
  • 10000+ Twitter Followers
  • 20000+ KAKUAN Holders
  • Development of future roadmap & utility

A community-focused & fully decentralized cryptocurrency project. The story of the 10 bulls is that of seeking enlightenment and a return to society. This is what we, as holders of KAKUAN, hope to do for the whole of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

  • Token Name:  10 Bulls
  • Token Symbol:  KAKUAN
  • Total Supply:  10,000,000,000
  • Launch Date:  May 3rd 2022
  • Total Tax:  0%
  • Redistribution:  0%
  • Marketing:  0%
  • Dev Team:  0%

🔸 New website that will be out in less than 24 hours

🔸 We currently have a DEX almost fully developed

🔸 Official Kakuan mobile app (already submitted to app store)

🔸 NFTs for holders

There will be more info regarding all of this soon. We will continue to pay for marketing out of pocket because the new team is dedicated to making this massive. Since there is no tax, we hope to use the funds collected from the NFTs and DEX in the future for buybacks, more giveaways, and overall brand awareness. 

The Kakuan community faced many struggles initially. We persevered despite the FUD and unfortunate events.  We will look back one day and realize that it was all necessary to get to where we are. This is one of the strongest communities in crypto today. Many community members have even chosen to burn their tokens willingly. The original dev renounced the contract and the community has taken over. We have a lot coming and will work to build a brand renowned in the crypto space.

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