MegaHelium (MHC)


The future of rewarding holders who invest in tokenomics

From the team that brought you Mega Bitcoin we are proud to bring you Mega Helium. We have every investors contribution as the top priority for growth and stability, all powered by Helium miners. We have created a massive rewards system for our holders to love and enjoy the power of passive income just for holding MHC.

Earn rewards through $MHC token holding and Helium mining!

Presenting you with an automatic rewards system that will give holders 10% Mega Bitcoin (MBC) in total from their buy and sell transaction combined. (5%+5%). We want our investors to enjoy passive income by holding MHC and MBC. When you earn and hold one million MBC tokens, you are now eligible to earn BTCB rewards. If you would like to earn BTCB sooner, just visit to learn how you can purchase MBC as well.



CONTRACT: 0x54BAa9eB1438Ab67893bd12AE9Ddc2f4A08b4cB4




Earn MBC Rewards In MHC:

  • Earn passive rewards just for holding MHC!
  • Rewards are paid out in MBC on your wallet if you have accumulated enough to cover the gas fees. You only need to add the MBC contract address as a custom token to your wallet.
  • 5% of every buy and sell transaction for a total of 10% is distributed back to MHC holders.

10% Reflections + Helium Mining
Helium has an all-time high of $55.22. Which is why it is the perfect time to mine Helium while the price is low. We will convert a percentage of the Helium mined to MBC tokens and distribute these tokens to you the MHC holders. As an added benefit at 1 million MBC tokens, you will start to earn BTCB rewards.

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