Wolf Safe Poor People - (#WSPP) 👽 $WOLFILAND

Wolfible Intro

Wolfible is a WSPP NFTs Paltfom by combining smart contacts for minting, token exchange, NFTs Auction, discovery, standards, NFT Collection, NFT DeFi, Yield Farming & Pools used in smart contracts.

WolfIble pursues the goal of creating a highly fluid environment where everyone can create NFTs easily and inexpensively, as we know WolfSafePoorPeople (WSPP) token is a token with a vision and mission to help all poor people in the world, with Wolfible all people can experience making NFTs and work to earn additional income.

Wolfible is designed as an NFT protocol for all, owned and managed by the community. In this regard, a special place in the initiative is reserved for the WolfSafePoorPeople $WSPP native governance token as the foundational building block for the future NFT ecosystem.

🔗WEB SITE: https://www.wolfible.com/





👥 TELEGRAM: https://t.me/robowolfproject

💧 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/RoboWolf8

💥 MEDİUM: https://robowolf89.medium.com/

💭 GİTHUB: https://github.com/wolfsafepoorpeople


"Always show the project process"

This is not a roadmap: It’s a to-do list.

Crypto moves fast, and we move fast too. 
Pivoting is a way of life. 

That means that we don’t publicly commit to specific timelines, so we can organize our development priorities based on market changes and developer resources. 

Q2 2021
  • WolfSafePoorPeople published on May 19, 2021 ✅
  • Airdrop’s and Token Sale ✅
  • BankCex Exchange Listed ✅
  • IndoEx Exchange Listed ✅
  • Hotbit Exchange Listed ✅
  • Fair Launch PancakeSwap V2 
  • Parnership with OliveCash 
  • Launch Staking Platfrom 
  • Lauch GoldenWSPP Token 
  • Lauch Yield Farming & Pools GWSPP Platfrom 
  • Build Team Core WolfSafePoorPeople 
  • Coin Tiger Exchange Listed GWSPP 
  • Open Shop WSPP Mercendise 
  • Audited by Solyditi Finance 
Q3 2021
  • Listed CoinMarketCap 
  • Listed CoinGecko 
  • Dex-Trade Exchange Listed 
  • Azbit Exchange Listed 
  • Vindax Exchange Listed 
  • Parnership With DeFi ( CorgiSwap, Rythem & 1TRC) 
  • Plan Build Wolfible NFT Marketplace 
  • Plan Create NFT Collection & Staking Platfrom 
  • Plan Cross Chain Polygon 
  • DigiAssetIndo Exchange Listed 
  • Plan Cross Chain Fantom Opera 
  • CoinMarketCap Verified 
  • CoinGecko Verified 
  • BSCscan Verified 
  • Lauch Charity for Poor People Program 
  • Lauch FegEx Exchange 
  • Fair Lauch BakerySwap, M-Dex, 1Icnh & SushiSwap 
Q4 2021
  • Corss Chain Polygon Netwrok 
  • Lauch NFT Collection ( Polygon Network ) 
  • Lauch Platfrom Mysterybox NFT Collection ( Polygon Network ) 
  • Lauch NFTs Collection Staking ( Polygon Network ) 
  • Lauch NFT Collection ( BSC Network ) 
  • Parnership with AutoBUSD Official 
  • Coinsbit Exchange Listed WSPP ( Polygon Network ) 
  • XT.Com Exchange Listed WSPP ( Polygon Network ) 
  • Coin Tiger Exchange Listed WSPP ( Polygon Network ) 
  • Finexbox Exchange Listed WSPP ( Polygon Network ) 
  • DigiassetIndo Swap WSPP ( BSC Network )to WSPP ( Polygon Network ) 
  • Hotbit Swap WSPP ( BSC Network )to WSPP ( Polygon Network ) 
  • Parnership With DeFi ( Farmagedon, Kala Finance & Phoenix Chain ) 
  • Lauch Platfrom Mysterybox NFT Collection ( BSC Network ) 
  • Plan DeFi on Fantom Opera Netwrok 
  • Fair Launch WSPP ( Polygon Network ) on SushiSWap & Quicswap 
  • Launch DeFi WSPP on Fantom Opera Network 
  • Launch Yield Farming & Pools on Fantom Opera Network 
  • Launch Wolfible NFT MarketPlace & NFT DeFi 
  • Listed on LA Token Exchange 
  • Parnership with SWFT Coin
 Q1 2022
  • Plan to Develop GameFi 
  • Lauch GameFi


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