EarnUSD is an investment token designed to pay all holders BUSD simply for holding. Selling limits 5% daily so the graph always looks strong. 2% liquidity so the LP keeps growing, 1% buyback so the price never drops and 2% to you the holders in BUSD in your wallet daily. This token is designed to make all holders gain up to 7500% on investment. Early investors benifit the most.

Join our telegram group and get 2,000,000 tokens for free that's enough to get you free BUSD every day for the rest of your life.

EarnUsd is an investment you don't have to worry about. None can sell and crash the chart. The token is designed to make all holders earn a great return on investment and passive income.

Feel free to ask questions and always invest carefully.


🔑CONTRACT: 0x76f3E6F5B67851aD44F5D40B9a2F376397c4FE17

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