Dollo Coin



Dollo Coin is a hyper-deflationary token with BUSD passive rewards. It will power the Dollo Ecosystem by the development of user-friendly software applications and strategic partnerships. This will foster mass adoption while elevating the wealth of the token stakeholders.



🔑CONTRACT: 0xb3559ad8ef8911bcd3fd7c9045c74723096e8b36

A Hyper-Deflationary Token With Passive Rewards

The Dollo Coin resides on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) producing a slipstream of reflections in BUSD for stakeholders.

Simply, hold DOLLO to receive the benefits of the slipstream – the smart contract will automatically convert 10% into BUSD from every trade then redistribute to holders.



The People's Space

Our commitment is to bring Crypto to the masses and elevate prosperity within the community. We are excited to announce Dollo Connect, a social commerce platform.  The bridge connecting crypto to real world adoption. Once you have entered our ecosystem, you will have access to our resources, events, businesses, and more. Globally, everyone will have the potential to accumulate wealth.

The Leadership Team

The team combines a passion in the following industries: crypto, staffing, commerce, development, and marketing.

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