Clotba is a BEP 20 deflationary token and a revolutionary tokenized lottery platform that stands for CLOVER+LOTTERY+BABY BNB. Read on as you uncover how to stash more BNB for free by simply purchasing Clotba tokens and how you can get equal opportunity and chances to win the pool prize every week!



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A Decentralized Lottery Ecosystem

Equal Life-Changing Opportunity for All, Every week, All the Time!

Owning and Holding 10 Clotba means; Infinite Entries To Win The Pool Prize Drawn Every Single Sunday!

Give Abundance a Chance and Be The One To Grab The Treasure Chest This Time!

Renounced Ownership!

Why Participate in Clotba?

Those who are obsessed with the Metaverse may be missing out on the best opportunities the crypto sphere is offering. Clotba is a pioneering, community-oriented, and fun tokenized lottery platform that is an advocate for equal opportunity in an influencer/advisor dominant cryptoverse!

Clotba is spicing up the crypto space with equal access to a pooled giveaway! Clotba token holders create their own benefits and opportunities by simply purchasing Clotba token

By investing in Clotba you get;

 Clotba tokens
 Awarded BNB tokens
 Equal opportunity to win the weekly pool prize

just by owning Clotba tokens; you'll also be able to view a live countdown to the lottery draw, as well as the number of tickets you own vs the number of entries acquired in the pool in accordance with your holdings.



Clotba will have a total supply of 50M (50,000,000) tokens with a circulating supply of 47M Clotba before we start sending 1% of each token purchase to the incinerator.

Clotba token purchases incur a 6% transaction fee of which 2% is fed into the lottery prize pool to fund and grow the lottery platform.

But wait, it gets better as the 1% is sent as wood into the oven and 3% drops back in your wallet as BNB rewards just like Santa dropping Christmas gifts down the chimney (but without the wait for Xmas).


Our Team has a long standing passion for blockchain technologies along with industry expertise & a proven record in traditional finance, de-fi, project development, marketing & licensing. While being an equal opportunity provider with a fair launch as well as offering equal access for all to attractive pool prizes, Clotba Lottery Platform also rewards token holders with BNB. Creating value is just our middle name!

Since 2015, Lottonomus has participated in various projects in the crypto industry as an investor, developer, or observer. In this way, he increased his knowledge of the cryptosystem, smart contracts, and blockchain. Upon the injustice he saw in the lottery systems, he decided to establish a fair and decentralized lottery system. With this in mind, he founded the Clotba system. He continues to work for continuous development and improvement.

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