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CMC Coin Is The Brainchild Of The Crypto Marketing Company.

We have over 50 years marketing experience specialising in Media and everything marketing!
We have successfully launched a vast array of crypto projects for other devs and founding teams, but we have seen the same pattern and mistakes being made repeatedly no real marketing strategy, no ongoing marketing, and no strong use case.
Despite advising our clients of the importance of these key factors it fell on deaf ears and and behold the projects never really reached their full potential. We were completely disillusioned and frustrated by seeing the same pattern of failure!

We realised that the teams behind the projects are tech guys, not marketing experts, and they missed the most important factors in growing the projects after they launch. 💥

We have set out to build a brand within the crypto space that has gathered massive momentum over recent months, seeing the birth of the Crypto Marketing Company, Crypto Weekly, and soon to be joined by our pioneering payment gateway and our other exciting media outlets which will transform the way in which Crypto can reach the mass market, influencing how people view Crypto.


We have been secretly developing our own cryptocurrency payment platform. We intend on launching our own website that will allow users to initially purchase one of 25,000 products worldwide that will be delivered direct to their door, the number of products will grow rapidly as the website progresses. We will also be integrating a number of other cryptocurrencies over the coming weeks and months to also allow holders of other coins to purchase the same products. This will gain even more awareness for the CMC brand. Our New Payment gateway will allow all retailers around the world to use the CMC system to accept crypto payments for the products that they sell and reach a whole new market of possible customers.

CMC group have also launched “Crypto Weekly” magazine and already have a weekly subscription base of over 120,000 cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This makes us the largest subscribed to weekly cryptocurrency magazine in the world. With such a high readership level, it has been an essential tool to other projects looking to advertise themselves. With this in mind and to encourage other crypto projects to buy CMCC, we will be offering a massive 45% discount from our standard advertising rates if they pay with CMCC. This will certainly give a very strong reason for projects to buy and use CMCC for advertising space and banner ads, which in turn earns our investors high reflections and bigger price increases over a long period of time.

More marketing-based platforms are planned to be introduced to our network over the coming months and this is something that our business development team are continuously working on.

This has bought us to this pivotal moment
of launching our very own Coin
After looking at many coins in the crypto space and identifying individual problems with each coin we have spent over 12 months building a set of unique tokenomics that will give this project, not only a strong chance of growth, but will truly incentivise investors to hold their coins to maximise the growth of their investment. The CMC coin has been developed with some core principles in mind:

Not only have we developed and invested in something truly different, but we know that we have the experience, expertise and tenacity to follow a solid and robust plan. We are not implementing a roadmap based on wishful thinking, but one that’s already in place and funded by the CMC founders prior to launch.

We know what makes a project work in the crypto space! We won’t promise you something we can’t deliver, and we do not hide behind anonymity! We have a strong belief in doing the best for our clients and in this case, we will do the best for you as a CMCC Holder.

The company is made up of two managing partners and is backed up by a team of specialists that each have their own unique set of skills from blockchain and solidity development to graphic design executives.

Who Are CMC (The Crypto Marketing Company)?

CMC was founded by a team of marketing and media executives to offer a refreshing and transparent approach to Cryptocurrency marketing. After many years of investing in the crypto industry they noticed where many coins were failing so they decided to devise a way of eliminating the negatives surrounding crypto projects and resolving the problems that they had identified. CMC has worked as a marketing force for many successful projects in the crypto space, building their brand and growing their projects massively.

What is CMC coin ($CMCC)?

$CMCC is a unique concept in crypto! It is a marketing focused coin and has been developed with some real uses, it utilises a unique set of tokenomics based completely on marketing potential and offering all investors a real benefit to hold and earn passive incomes in a stable coin (BUSD), The Project aims to truly incentivise investors to hold their coins to maximise the growth of their investment while offering a steady price increase. The CMC coin also offers other crypto projects to opportunity to buy and spend $CMCC and make very large savings on their marketing campaigns.

What token/coin will I receive my rewards in?

The CMC coin is set to pay BUSD as your regular rewards! We have built an amazing new feature into the contract that will allow us to change these rewards to another token from time to time and for the benefit of our coin holders. We may negotiate for one reward payment to be paid in another coin/token if our analysts feel that that particular coin may rise rapidly in price, this could include new coins at presale prices or established coins that are showing signs of growth.

What is the total supply of CMC coin and will there be a burn?

The total supply of CMC coins is 50,000,000 (50 million) We are not planning on doing any coin burns at the moment due to the relatively low level of $CMCC available, but we will always be looking at what we can do to help the project move forward so, we won’t say it’s something that will never happen.

What chain is CMC coin available on?

We have spent months considering the best chain to launch CMC coin on. We will be launching on Binance Smart Chain which has one of the lowest fees in the industry and possibly one of the most promising exchanges to be launched recently. The native Binance Smart Chain coin is $BSC and has a very promising growth potential that will help $CMCC grow at a more rapid rate. Liquidity will be locked on $BSC so as the price of their coin grows, so will the value of the CMC coin liquidity pool.

CMC Coin (CMCC) is finally here!

Owned by the fastest growing Crypto Marketing Company in the world and part of Crypto Weekly Magazine (the largest weekly crypto magazine globally).

The CMCC project has been developed to generate maximum rewards paid in USDT, the longer you hold, the more you earn 🤯🤑.

A real world Company with a use case that has never been seen before.

✅ 50 Million Max Supply

✅ Listed on Coin market cap and Coin gecko.

✅ 2 Audits passed.

✅ Fully Doxxed ownership.

✅ less than 1 month old with price stability already.

✅ listed on BKEX Exchange with more to come.

✅ Massive marketing plans.

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