About POPRater:

Poprater-20 home budget is a cryptocurrency in a facility. TRC-20 is one of the most preferred infrastructures with its existing transfer systems, fast shipping and convenience.

Poprater, you aim to carry the "drawing" mobile application, which is a useful and fun method for flashy people, to carry the blockchain. Poprater is an entertainment platform where you can navigate and also organize lottery with people while browsing the lottery with the lottery.

Poprater, a simple global currency and from a facility that wants to receive it.

Poprater is a raffle coin. Its aim is to distribute Blockchain-based crypto money and bring the concept of the lottery to the Blockchain world.

  • Drawn 4 times so far
  • Our iOS app will be released on January 1, 2022
  • Poprater Token pre-sale has reached 415 million PPRT Holders.

According to the agreement made at the beginning, investors have to buy 1 popg for every 10,000 PPRT shots. This allowed us to make the popg Token commodity

  • PPRT; 415 million in circulation investors
  • 240 million Tokens started to be distributed with AirDrop, 50 each.

A gift of 50 PPRT AirDrop is given to everyone who downloads the mobile application. At the same time, when you invite someone, you still get 50 PPRT rewards. This distribution is done through the main contract.

  • Popg Token; Although it is a fee token for PPRT Token withdrawal, it aims to be a smart contract contract coin and commodity in the ever-growing e-sports lane.
  • PPRT; 1.2 billion total supply
  • popg ; 120,000 total supply
  • Popg Token is on pre-sale from 10 usdt

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