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MTN is a gaming-focused token built by gamers for gamers! Gaming within the crypto world is an untapped market with massive potential. We know through experience and research that there is a desire within the industry to find innovative ways to harness the power of crypto. Here at MTN we are focusing on delivering two world class experiences: The Centre will feature content from partnered creators and an on-platform NF marketplace. Creators and fans will connect their streaming back catalogue and tokenise them at the click of a button for sale inside the NFT Hub. MTN ($MTN) is a BEP20 token from Binance Smart Chain. The MTN token was released with a fixed supply of 10 trillion coins. As stated in the chapter, the supply will only always decrease with burning. Snapshot of token version: • Contract abandoned (out of control of token development team) • Locked liquidity pool in Unicrypt.


🔐 Address: 0x02c28de884a4f0bc67d1dacc466def995f6da822


👥 TELEGRAM Turkey:




Exclusive content, premium creator partnerships, NFTs – A gaming / crypto match made in heaven. The MTN Centre offers unparalleled connectivity between content creators and fans. Watch, stream and build an audience while reaping the rewards of MTN. Like a video? Tip the creator some MTN. See a good comment? Show some appreciation by tipping the commenter some MTN! all from one place – the MTN Centre. Content creators, selling NFTs has never been so easy! Connect to your preferred platform and turn your back-catalogue into NFTs with a few clicks of a button. what's more, each time your NFT changes hands, you'll be rewarded with a small percentage of the sale – passive income MTN style! All transactions on the MTN site include a transaction fee to the company. This will be determined later.

We started MTN to unite the gaming community, content creators and game developers and conquer the gaming world. Our platform brings true NFT functionality to the gaming world and combines it with the latest in DeFi yield generation, personalised Meta Centre, integrated streams, lotteries, game keys and much more. We want the gaming community to experience the full potential that crypto has to offer and can’t wait to share our plans with you. The $MTN token lies at the very heart of the MTN eco system and powers every aspect of the platform. Utility fundamentals include purchasing/listing NFTs, creator support, live stream integration, yield farming through the liquidity pool, lottery tickets, buy-back-and-burn and access to gaming discounts.

A list of exchanges that have $MTN currently listed.

Token Distribution
$MTN token was released with a fixed supply of 10 trillion coins. As stated in the chapter, the supply will only always decrease with burning


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