ArchieChain (ARC)



Built by Archie Chain, ARC is a decentralized public blockchain that has high performance and EVM compatibilities.

The purpose of the blockchain is to solve problems such as low performance and high transactions costs with a faster, more convenient, and lower-cost experience.

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Our Advantages

ARC is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for ease of smart contract development.

ARC (ARC) is the native coin for Archie Chain and can be used to pay gas fees for transactions and development.

New blocks are produced every 2 seconds, meaning accelerated transaction confirmation and higher chain performance.

Adopts the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm for a more efficient, secure, fast, and robust blockchain.

ArchieChain (ARC) Staking/Validator

The ArchieChain project will enable users to earn yields:

Staking $ARC coins on the ArchieChain blockchain will allow stakeholders to secure the native blockchain and receive $ARC rewards from transaction fees.

There is a more in-depth guide on Github. If you have questions, contact us on social media.

ArchieChain Staking dApp System

The ArcCoin($ARC) or WarcCoin ($WARC) on Archie Chain (ARC) project will enable users to earn yields:

Staking $ARC/$WARC coins on the ARC Staking dApp will allow stakeholders to receive $ARC as yield.

  • No Staking Fees  
  • Our own Safe dApp 
  • Near-Zero Gas Fees 
  • Generous APY (TBA) 

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