ETF Finance (ETF)

The Token ETF Finance offers an investment that combines store of value with profitability. Through cycles of burning and profit distribution in its liquidity, we aim to make it increasingly scarce and valuable in the market.


ETF Finance aims to be a store of value and a medium-term investment. Its purpose is to create a stable and sustainable token in the blockchain economy, providing security to investors. The currency is designed to incentivize retention by offering benefits to holders who keep a certain number of tokens in their wallets.

The currency's ecosystem will start with token burns every 6 months after its pre-launch, thereby reducing the quantity of tokens in circulation. Each burning cycle will result in a bonus for holders who retain tokens during these periods. With each burn, holders will receive an exclusive NFT as a reward. In the future, these NFTs may be sold, creating an additional income opportunity for the holders.

CONTRACT: 0x6e7a3fba2baaeac01b272e4c081228e7e6ece70e


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