Steakd (SDX)

We are building an ecosystem of web3 technologies for the food and hospitality industry.

Steakd's SDX Token

SDX is the core token of the Steakd ecosystem and has been designed to provide versatile flexibility that enables various use cases. The token will be integrated into services and utilities and will help Steakd’s offerings connect traditional fiat transactions with blockchain and web3 commerce. SDX rewards are paid in BUSD to holders, incentivizing them to actively participate in the ecosystem and contributing to its growth. You can purchase SDX on PancakeSwap. 



CONTRACT: 0x510AeB87665D3fCE5395a62045C5B7aE8990bf35



Web2 mobile application

With the launch of our web2 food delivery system and application, we aim to provide better services through an optimized design, easy-to-use UI/UX, and premium features for all users. Our app will integrate our $SDX Token into the system’s cashflow, enabling delivery management at a rate that saves most restaurants 75 to 90% on fees.

Our application is built on a modern and more efficient operating model, allowing fees collected through transactions and subscription fees to flow back into the project and provide direct rewards for $SDX holders, member businesses, and their staff. Our mobile application allows food providers to access the system via a monthly subscription service, offering better value than existing systems.

After the beta launch of our app, we plan to move towards a fully integrated web3 product where revenue from operations will be distributed back to SDX Token holders, providing additional rewards for holders, member businesses, and their staff. By sharing the actual real-world revenue with SDX holders, Steakd ensures that the $SDX holders will always come first.

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