Viddli (MTY)


With Viddli, you can turn your browsing time into real money. Users are rewarded with eMTY, which are virtual points within the app that are automatically converted to MTY, a publicly available BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain, on a monthly basis.

MTY is the native governance utility token that is used for:

  • Rewarding users by converting their in-app rewards.
  • Payment by companies that wish to book ad space on our social media network.
Binance's biggest broadcasters, Web3 development company EarlyMinter, brings you the $MTY Minty Token which is the native governance token of Viddli. Viddli is a revolutionary social media app that pays its users for engaging with content hosted on the Viddli platform. With a 150k strong community on Binance Live, we managed to develop and successfully launch our app on the Google Play store and Apple Appstore. Earn $MTY by either writing or reading articles and convert them to FIAT later on!



CONTRACT: 0xde27c2c13d1eeb87744bf3c2a9168c1cbd62ee81



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