Melo Inu (MELO)

Melo Inu

Melo Inu is The Main Token of the Ecosytem:

MELO INU was created to help bring back peace and balance by providing what we call a safe haven to the meme investing world through ecosystem building, charity, and utility. There are no fees associated with the MELO INU contract, and the liquidity has been locked away for 8 months.

SHINTO will be used as Liquid control. Taxes from buys and sell will funnel into Melo liquid and marketing


CONTRACT: 0x5c12c812794b874fe4fdea9a4960df599c89b8e5

CONTRACT (2): 0xc42a67c3d7d5e387168b72ccc555ee61838c7e33


Token Information
  • Name: The Kami Shinto
  • Symbol: SHINTO
  • Total Supply: 1000000000
The token will be distributed as follows:
  • 3% - Buy Tax
  • 5% - Sale Tax

The Kami Shinto was designed to be the spirit of the ecosytem. At a sell tax of 5% and buy tax of 3% it allows us to incorporate our Rewards and donations aspect of the Melo inu ecosystem. Thus this action funnels more Liquid, Rewards tokens to give to holders for staking SHINTO, as well as a additional liquid for Donations and marketing. SHINTO will be the stream of water from which melo will drink. Shinto will hold all staking vaults for the melo inu ecosystem, The Kami Spirit Vault.
The Liquid Protocol with Spirit vaults 🏦

Rewards 💰

tax will be used to buy back shiba/BONE/melo and distribute to those that stake there shinto in the The Kami Shinto Vaults of there choice

Marketing/development 📈

tax will be used to go into marketing/development/awareness, until melo can push is self sustainable, then Liquid rewards and buy back will increase
Shiba Rewards

Liquidity 🌊
  • tax will be used to add to Melo inu Liquidity
  • tax will be used to add back to Shinto Liquidity

Melo Inu was birthed on Canto Blockchain originally with a renounced contract and burned liquidity. We chose Canto because it was a new private blockchain that encouraged developer building to help expand the network. After 3 weeks of trading, the community suggested moving over to BSC for more volume, seeing as though Canto was a new chain, we decided to do so for the community. Now, because the contract was renounced and liquidity burned with no-upgradability, we were forced to launch the same contract on BSC and airdrop CANTO holders the new BSC Address. So yes, at this moment, there is a Melo Inu Canto contract as well as a BSC Contract.

MAI was the AI token in our ecosystem on CANTO that the community agreed upon sacrificing the liquidity to help us start the Melo Liquid Protocol, the Kami Shinto. All 15 original OG Holders from launch of MAI were snapshotted and will be Airdropped the Equivalent amount in SHINTO by 4'/15. Melo AI Dapp is Still live as Utility and can be accessed on the dashboard.

As The Melo And Canto Ecosystem grow, eventually so will Melo Canto. Melo Inu Canto will remain live on Canto as a safe meme to turn to in the early stages of the Canto network. We will find ways to innovate in every place we are.

Token Roadmap 🚵
Q2 2023: Melo inu shiba inu clone fair launch 😼
  • MeloGPT/AI Release
  • Staking Dapp Release!
  • Minting Dapp!
  • BNB chain launch
  • Whitepaper/medium Release
  • Contest/giveaways
  • First Phase of NFT Drops
  • Community building
  • Chat/twitter AMAs
  • Merchandise Drop
  • NFTGame Development
  • Ecosystem Development
Q3 2023: Secure partnerships/Collabs/OG Market 🔥
  • Branch and connect
  • AMAs
  • Social Media Push /tiktok,insta,youtube,snap etc..
  • Sponsorships
  • Branding Awarness
  • Blog posts/interviews
  • Voting Token Release
  • Building with Melo
  • Surprise Releases
  • IRL Events Networking
Q4 2023: NFT GAME Release! 🎮...
Q1 2024: Release of Metaverse


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