Alpha Coin (ALPHA)


Alpha coin is the central currency for the Alpha Ecosystem. Alpha City is an upcoming social lifestyle metaverse powered by Unreal Engine 5 that aims to create a new level of digital social experience for its users. It offers an immersive virtual world where users can interact and engage with one another in a highly customizable and socially-oriented environment. The platform intends to provide high-quality graphics and lifelike physics, giving users a sense of being present in the metaverse.

In Alpha City, users will be able to create their own virtual avatars, which they can customize with a wide range of accessories and clothing options. The metaverse will also allow users to own virtual real estate, which they can use to create their own virtual spaces or host events. The virtual real estate will be available for purchase using in-game currency or real money.

Alpha City is an Ethereum blockchain-powered open virtual world powered by Unreal Engine 5, developed and owned by its community, who can create, experience, and monetize content created within Alpha City.


✅ CONTRACT : 0x138c2f1123cf3f82e4596d097c118eac6684940b



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