Welcome to PLHECO.IO ECOFI Project. A new concept for protecting nature that generates a reward based incentive. PLGECO.IO land trust for a decentralised & multi generation project. XSD xSEED is part of a dual token system on PLH-ECOSYSTEM.  XECO is a stablecoin for payments and rewards. XSD xSEED is used for PLHECO land pool ECOFI. Buy XSD to contribute funding to our ECOFI project, hold XSD to receive share of PLH-ECO rewards pool.
Rewards are generated from ECO projects like carbon reduction and carbon credit trading. Income from carbon trading creates XECO srtablecoins, XECO is sent to PLH-ECO rewards pool and shared between XSD holders, rewards claimed are split between actual XSD tokens held.

🔗WEBSITE: http://www.plheco.io

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CONTRACT: 0x3BF1763c6Ea098c5137493e9A34111846461f2C7



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