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JCMETA X  is one of the first ever buy-back hyper-deflationary token on the BSC. **The same way SafeMoon paved the way for thousands of other coins to introduce the redistribution to holders, JCMETA is one of the first to introduce this BuyBack feature. In the stock market environment, BuyBack means buying back the shares of a company in the open market, which increases the value of the stock.
At JCMETA, we chose to apply the Buyback concept to cryptocurrency, and make our token more attractive to hold.

On the JCMETA X protocol, a 6% transaction fee is stored in the contract and used periodicallly to buy back tokens from the market and then instantly burn them, increasing the value of the circulating supply. The fees collected by the Contract are used to buyback and burn tokens when market conditions are bad, instantly increasing the price and saving the holders from massive dumps when is necessary. The token holders are benefited also through a 5% static rewards. The token holders will benefit from static rewards and through the automatic buyback process which is in-built in the contract. When this function is turned on, the contract will automatically buy it back and burn the tokens after every sell action.

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CONTRACT: JCMETA TOKEN 👉 0xC7E10847dC6B21e1D36431A25a91E25C254B00cf

JCMETA X (JCMX) 👉 0xcda345CBFf441EaF99E120B48a08b5c4A6325A9E



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