Once a token is successful, a lot of short term plays are born following these trends. For degen investors like us, these plays are opportunities to have the next 100x gains they are looking for.

Metatools is a technology that will help us all increase our chances of success. It will do this by constantly scanning the Twitter activity of a select number of Influencers for keywords and phrases and cross-references them with live pairs on the Ethereum blockchain, finding any keyword matches and delivering them to users in real-time. This will allow them to invest in what could be the beginning of a highly profitable trend.

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In December of this year, an innovative and highly anticipated project by the name of Meta Tools will be launched. Our team is grateful for the opportunity to introduce ourselves, as well as offer an explanation of what is to come through this… our very first Medium.

For many in the Defi space, a sense of defeat and missed opportunity is regularly becoming evident. Across the board, you can see the wealth printing among certain charts and projects. Although many of these “moonshots” can be defined by the word variance, they are still there and waiting all the same. Countless retail investors have found themselves gawking at one of these explosive charts in agony, overwhelmed by that infamous feeling of “FOMO”. A problem arises when an individual follows up these feelings by jumping into copycats which often can be rugs, honeypots, tax-farms, and/or pump-and-dumps. Many of us here at $MT have fallen victim to that same narrative. The chase. The problem is that these accounts usually lead to capital loss.

A large portion of the collective minds in DeFi have forgotten the original purpose of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech… one of incalculable and intrinsic value.


We here at $MT aim to provide a solution to the former narrative explicated above.

For three months now, we have been developing this solution… one which will allow investors to mitigate the risk of the chase, spot trends the moment they are being created, as well as bring back some enjoyment to the grind. The technology we have created will offer a tool which can target key wording and phraseology on social media platforms. Considering the majority of new metas are created by influential figures such as Vitalik, Elon and CZ — we like to think of this as a bit of a cheat code. Being made aware of this wording upon creation, our users will have a head-start on the developers who launch single sentences into the millions of dollars in market cap.

Market sentiment defines trends…

Due to the success of meta-tokens such as $THE, $TYRANT and $DIE (only to list a few), it is evident that there is a need for efficient tools and tech which targets these insights and gives the retail a fighting chance. We will offer a seamless front end which will include contracts and liquidity, tweaking only the tokenomics, so as to benefit the Meta Tools token through buy backs and burns. A 1% tax. As we all know, buy-backs and burns strengthen liquidty and raise the floor of the chart. This means that with every new meta-launch, our chart is affected with positive-growth. Imagine having access to a contract and liquidity, and all that is required is a name change. We provide the safety and security of an honest dev and contract.

How It Works…

Meta Tools is a bot which will constantly scan social media platforms like Twitter. It searches the activity of a handful of selected influencers and focuses on key-wording and phrases. The bot then cross-references these with the live pairs on ETH blockchain, spot-lighting any key matches and delivering them to our users. For any of those key words which has the potential to be meta but lacks any correlated contracts, we will provide the contract and liquidity.

This means that if an influencer tweets a specific word, $MT will zone in on any current and correlated contract that has been deployed; thus offering an unbelievable opportunity and advantage to our users: the best entry possible. All of this is done in live time, permitting our community investment opportunities at the early stages of highly profitable trends.

Alongside delivering these prospective triggers, we will also present further market data metrics such as;

-Market Cap
• — ATH Indicators
• — Volume/Liquidity Indicators
• — Verify Checker
• — Liquidity Locker
• — Taxes Readout

These metrics will allow the user to decide whether the token is worthy of investing into.
@MetatoolsERC contract is currently ready and waiting along with the LP. Our liquidity pool will be locked initially on Unicrypt for three months, only to be extended at certain market cap milestones.


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