Palanca Token (PALT)


Palanca Token (PALT)

Palanca Token is a people's, hyper-deplationary, automated, high yield, and liquidity generating token launched exclusively on Binance Smart Chain. The protocol rewards PALT holders with high yield generation, increasing liquidity and value through LP acquisition and control burning to reduce supply.


CONTRACT: 0x3DbD51b703dD078BA2CAAF1751C0DdfE7d8Fb937



What is Palanca Token (PALT)?

It is a token born by fans and community members Terra luna (LUNC) and shiba Inu (SHIB) Palanca Token deducts a 2% fee on all transactions and the splits that fee into two halves. Half of these are the distributed proportionally as a static dividend to all existing holders. The other half goes to the burning portfolio


PalancaToken is cute, $PALT is a Hyper-deflationary token designed to become scarcer over time. All PalancaToken holders will earn more PALT which is automatically sent to their wallet by simply holding PALT coins in their wallet. Watch the amount of PALT grow in your wallet as PalancaToken coin holders automatically receive a 1% fee from every transaction that happens on the BSC network. The community receives more PALT coins from the fees generated from each transaction.

Who are the founders of Palanca Token?

PalancaToken was created by PALToken, the pseudonymous lead developer of the project. PALToken has a very active Twitter account with several followers and describes himself on his website as "a mysterious and highly trusted blockchain expert with several years of experience whose work is helping to evolve the infrastructure of decentralized finance (DeFi)." He claims to work exclusively on PalancaToken and dedicates "100% of his time [...] and focus is on making PalancaToken the face of DeFi!"

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