Real Estate (REST)

The Energy Of BLOCKCHAIN With Real Estate (REST) Organized as Dual Token, working together in the ecosystem It is a platform where users can trade and exchange energy both through an intermediary and without having to go through an intermediary independently of each other. Renewable electric power, wind power or solar power. It also includes assets converted to tokens, solar rooftops, rental homes, condominiums, and transport sectors. or real estate by REST will be guaranteed with real estate It can be awarded as a reward to those who have contributed to the EnergyTrutol platform. It is also a Governance Token that gives holders the right to vote or suggest developments on the REST architecture. There is also a decentralized lending system. (Decentralized Lending Pools) where users can deposit REST Coins in exchange for installing solar rooftops. 
What can it do? And featrue 

Real Estate (Rest) Utility Token is a Solar Farm Ce-Decentralized Crypto on Energy Trutol Platform, Energy DEFI Farms 4.0, Project including REST SWAP, REST POOL, STAK, SAVE, Lockup Dividend, Metaverse Land (Map GIS), Logistic, Borrow




CONTRACT: 0x59132ea5d72bb45146d50fb6af358357fdb5a267


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