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What is Bits-Coin?

Bits-Coin (BITS) is a rapidly growing decentralized, global blockchain that was founded in late 2021 with a focus on cyber security, payments & secure communications technologies.

For more information, as well as an immediately useable, binary version of the Bits-Coin Core software, refer below links

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Bits-Coin FAQ

Launch Date: October 15th, 2021 Hard fork blockchain from Digibyte core v7.17.2 released under the terms of the MIT Open Source License Agreement

🟢Public Launch Date : November 15th, 2021 - 30 days after 100% stable mining

🟢Blockchain Type: Public, Decentralized, UTXO based, Multi-Algorithm

🟢 Ticker Symbol: BITS

🟢Genesis Block Hash: "The Evolution of Technology opens doors to a new decentralized financial freedom era "

🟢 Max Total Supply: 21 Billion Bits-Coins in 39 Years (2059)

🟢Current Supply: 108,499,970 BITS (Oct 2021)

🟢 Block Reward Reduction: Reward Halving - 50% (Every 5 Years/10512000 Blocks)

🟢Current Block Reward: 1000 BITS (Oct 2021)

🟢Mining Algorithms: Five individual: SHA256, Scrypt, Groestl, Skein & Qubit

🟢Block Interval: 15 Second Blocks (75 seconds per algo)

🟢Algo Block Share: 20% Block Share Per Algo (5)

🟢Difficulty Retarget: Every 1 Block, 5 Separate Difficulties, independent difficulty for each Mining Algo

SegWit Support: No.

You can mine Bits-Coin on one of five separate mining algorithms. Each algo averages out to mine 20% of new blocks. This allows for much greater decentralization than other blockchains. An attacker with 99% of of any individual algorithm would still be unable to hardfork the blockchain, making Bits-Coin much more secure against PoW attacks than other blockchains.

Bits-Coin vs Bitcoin

🟢 Security: 5 Bits-Coin mining algorithms vs. 1 Bitcoin mining algorithm. Bits-Coin mining is much more decentralized. Bits-Coin mining algorithms can be changed out in the future to prevent centralization.

🟢 Speed: Bits-Coin transactions occur much faster than Bitcoin transactions. 1-2 second transaction notifications. 15 second Bits-Coin blocks vs. 10 minute Bitcoin blocks. Bits-Coin has 6x block confirmations 1.5 minutes vs. 1 hour with Bitcoin.

🟢Transaction Volume: Bits-Coin can handle many more transactions per second. Bitcoin can only handle 3-4 transactions per second. Bits-Coin currently can handle 560+ transactions per second.

🟢Total Supply: More Bits-Coin, lower price, more micro transactions, better price stability. 21 billion Bits-Coin will be created over 39 years. Only 21 million Bitcoin will be created over 140 years.

🟢 Flexibility: Ability to quickly add new features. Bits-Coin can add new features & upgrades much quicker than Bitcoin. Future Bits-Coin upgrades will push transaction limit to several hundred thousand per second.

🟢 Marketability & Usability: Bits-Coin is an easy brand to market to consumers. Bits-Coins are much cheaper to acquire.

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