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The study and analysis of wallet activity on decentralized exchanges.

About Wallphy

Walletography exists for one simple and necessary purpose: to help individuals research novel micro-cap crypto projects using methods that have not previously been publicly available. The blockchain is a magnificent machine that stores and records all transaction data for every single swap, transfer, and change.

Until now, if you wanted to investigate the behaviors of top wallet holders, you needed a big excel spreadsheet and a tremendous amount of time. By the time research is completed, you have missed the window where having the information was most valuable.

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Information you need, when you need it, in the form you can use. That is Wallphy.

History and Development of Wallphy App

In the Alt Coin Summer of 2021, it became very clear that micro-cap, DEX-driven tokens had emerged as a new force in the crypto market. Several groundbreaking use cases grew out of this space that will likely be absorbed into the fold of larger projects. The market is hungry for newer, faster blockchains with unique use cases that solve real world issues.

With such a novel and attractive market comes bad actors and shady developers not looking to revolutionize the blockchain… but to quickly enrich themselves at the expense of others and the trustworthiness of the blockchain. We see this manifest itself nearly every week in a new launch where the developers simply walk away with the funds they have collected from a community. We also see this when developers grant themselves 98% of the supply and then cash those tokens in on the third day after launch.

Wallphy was born out of an idea to have a tool that can quickly and easily identify the behaviors of token holders. Wallphy cannot tell you how to play in the crypto market. It merely seeks to provide the public with information that has not been easily available until now. After getting rugged ourselves several times, it became a passion project for us to deliver this tool to the world.

The name Wallphy is an abbreviation of Walletography, the art of charting wallets!

Membership & Decentralized Voting

Walletography LLC and the Wallphy Application will be governed by community voting. Access to the application will be granted based on the following membership tiers.

All levels of membership will allow wallet holders to have voting rights. It should be noted that all votes performed by related wallets (wallets where tokens have been transferred) will only be considered one (1)vote.

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