Artistokens connects you directly to all artists of all genres, in a familiar way from the artist to the singer and dancers into Digital interface.

By NFT’s and subsequently introducing them into the world of Metaverse.

Giving everyone the freedom to distribute monetize and stream unstoppable artist shows.

Artistoken is designed as a gateway for artist around the world to have a meet, shows and make live performances while winning lots of prizes for just been a holder of $ART.

Artistoken will be used as payment gateway with our partnered company, it will help artists in various countries have access to quality art products and produce.

The Artistoken Network team will pay for classes for those who love art but finds it difficult to get into it, and also give opportunity to talented artists to be able to utilize our platform in other to meet up with some other great artists.

Holders of Artistokens will be airdropped NFTs as an incentive for supporting the project.
Not sidelining the effect of the Metaverse, Artistoken’sTeam will bring the artist world into the Metaversedigital world.


CONTRACT: 0xDC007945ce4C2073e89871b4583ABbA3C19b6a08



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