FURRY is a decentralized blockchain platform providing Agricultural assistance in a safe and decentralized way .

Every bull run needs a 100x dog; and we are the safest dog around. Furry emphasizes financial security and no presale, no allocated team tokens, and burned LP tokens. The fate of the project will be decided upon by the community. Welcome to Furry Doge!

CONTRACT: 0xf29334940f79936d1beb45ba81aa7ad4f205bade


Furry Doge Vision

An experiment in decentralised community building… This was the foundation for Furry Doge What could hundreds or thousands of random people achieve by working together? The answer turned out to be quite a lot and we are only just getting started. Furry Doge is more than a token, It is a lifestyle and a family of dedicated community members all working towards a common goal.

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